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SLU-Madrid's Studio Art Minor

by Katie Gortz on 04/20/2020

SLU-Madrid currently offers 23 minors to enrich and broaden the academic experience of students pursuing majors in other fields. Among these programs is the minor in studio art, which features a newly revamped academic curriculum.

“Studio art is a great complement to many of the majors we offer at SLU-Madrid,” said Director and Academic Dean Dr. Paul Vita. The studio art program in Madrid fosters art-making in the context of both the liberal arts and a diverse, international student body; students develop a conceptual and intellectual framework for their art by forming connections across disciplines as well as by deepening their understanding of cultural differences. 

Studio Art Minor

Among the 23 minors offered at SLU-Madrid is studio art. Classes in drawing, design, painting, color theory and sculpture take place in our modern, renovated art facilities in San Ignacio Hall. 

Since the inauguration of San Ignacio Hall in 2013, studio art classes at SLU-Madrid take place in modern, renovated studios. As Vita notes, “We have not only outstanding facilities for studio art but also talented art professors from across the world.” Faculty model professional artistic practice while encouraging students to explore their individual abilities and learn about the world.
Saint Louis University’s studio art minor requires a total of 21 credits, including a core in drawing and design, a course in a 3D medium and three additional studio art exploration courses selected according to the individual student’s interests. SLU-Madrid offers courses in drawing, design, painting, color theory and sculpture, as well as a wide variety of art history courses, including courses on Spanish art and Madrid’s museums.  
Beyond the classroom, SLU-Madrid is also home to an active student-led art club while the city itself, one of Europe’s great art capitals, offers an impressive array of museums, galleries and monuments for students to explore.