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New Webpage "Think with SLU-Madrid" Goes Live

by Isaiah Voss


The Madrid Campus recently launched its initiative focused on faculty and their research.

To emphasize their effort and dedication, SLU-Madrid has created a digital space to house faculty profiles and research.

Information on research areas among faculty, sabbatical leaves and research funding can be found.

Additionally, lists of recent publications gathered by the library are available for the SLU-Madrid community and external users alike.

Students and Barah Mikaïl, Ph.D. in Padre Rubio Hall patio

Students and Barah Mikaïl, Ph.D. in Padre Rubio Hall patio. Photo by Lua Fischer.

Interested faculty can learn more about funding and awards via "Research Resources" found on the sidebar menu. American, European and Spanish sources are included.

The Madrid Campus hopes these links facilitate research funding and recognition to tackle the unique geographic and cultural challenges that SLU-Madrid faculty face.

This project has come to fruition thanks to Paolo Saona, Ph.D. (Business and Economics) SLU-Madrid's library director Sara Pérez, Ph.D., and the Faculty Professional & Development Advisory Committee.

Visit Think with SLU-Madrid