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Faculty Research

This section presents the main data on the research carried out at SLU-Madrid.

Faculty Research Areas

Have you ever wondered what the SLU-Madrid faculty study? We've got you covered.

Business and Economics Department
  • Data: Methodology of Data, Discussion and Creation of Metrics.
  • Economics: Business Cycles, Monetary Policy, Central Banking, Natural Rate of Interest.
  • Finance and Accounting: International Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Banking Industry, Capital Structure Decisions, Financial Systems, Sustainable Finance, Business Sustainability Management, Corporate Gender Diversity, Disclosure of Non-Financial Information and Earnings Management.
  • Marketing: Distribution Channels, eCommerce, Branding, Value Co-creation, Customer Experience, Consumer Behavior.
Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Anthropology: Archaeology of the Southern Levant and the Mediterranean; Archaeology of the Bronze Age; Archaeology of the Iron Age; Pottery Studies; Ancient Mediterranean Cultural Relations; Visigothic Archaeology; Assimilation and Acculturation; Medieval Spain and "Convivencia;" Anthropocene.
  • Art History: Spanish and American Art of the 20th Century, Art and Politics, Museum Studies, Transatlantic Artistic Exchanges, 20th-century Latin American Art, the Mexican School, the Cultural Cold War.
  • Classical Languages: Comparative Study of Music and Imaginary Geography in Myths, with a Focus on Ancient Greek, Latin, Slavic and Sanskrit Sources. 
  • Communication: Media and Politics, International Film, Film Auteurs, Film Subcultures, Media Audiences, Public Speaking, Discourse Analysis, Intercultural Communication, Ethnography of Communication.
  • ESL, Modern Languages and Education: Systemic Functional Linguistics, TESOL, Visual Literacy, Bilingual Education, Equity within CLIL, Language development, Methodology and Lusophone literature in the teaching of Portuguese as a Foreign Language, Contemporary Portuguese and Brazilian literature (2000 - now), Postcolonial and Francophone literature, Women's and Gender issues, Exoticism, Application of music and the making of instruments in the classroom, Iraqi folklore and the work of Hassan Mutlak.
  • History: Iberian, Latin American and U.S. History, Medieval Iberia, Jews and Converts, Medieval Travelers, Coexistence in Medieval Spain (Muslim, Jews and Christians), Conversos and Moriscos in Early Modern Spain, The Spanish Inquisition, the Spanish Civil War, Anarchist Movement in 20th-Century Iberia, Transatlantic Studies. Religion in Contemporary America.
  • History: Canaanite, Phoenician, and Israelite History; Medieval Spain and Medieval Mediterranean; Mendicants Orders; Origins of National Identities; Early Iberian Presence in Asia; Medieval Travels and Explorations; Early Modern Spain, Early Modern Atlantic World; the Spanish Inquisition; Catholic Reform; Religious Minorities; Acculturation; Early Modern Science, Medicine, and Healing; Contemporary Spanish History; Biography; Social Movements; Social History; Social and Political Violence; Anarchist/Anarcho-Syndicalist History; the Spanish Civil War; the Balkans; the 20th Century; Contemporary American History; Christian Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism; Religious Sects and Cults in the United States.
  • Philosophy: Ancient Philosophy; Plato; Socratic Schools and Hellenistic Philosophy; Kierkegaard; Husserl; Metaphysics; Analytical Metaphysics; Ethics; Theory of Action; Philosophy of Religion; Political Philosophy; Phenomenology; Hermeneutics; Religion & Science; Existential Philosophy; Philosophy of Sex, Sexuality, and Gender; Philosophy of Mind; Ordinary Language Philosophy; Logic and Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Psychology; Philosophy of Social Science; Philosophy of Cognitive Science; Philosophy of Time; Social Philosophy; Latin American Philosophy; the Ideology of the Cuban Revolution, Contemporary Philosophy, Ontology, Post-Nihilism, Early Greek Thought.
  • Political Science: American Foreign Policy, Civil Society in Cuba, Climate Change, Geopolitics of the MENA region, Key Contemporary Crises, Political Evolutions and Civil Society in Latin America, Shifts in the System of International Relations, Structural Changes in the Civil Society in Hong Kong.
  • Psychology: Addiction, Attitudes and Persuasion, Child Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Creativity, Emotion Regulation, Health Psychology, Mental Health Services, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Integrative Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, Third Generation Therapies, Social Influence, and Loneliness.
  • Spanish: Hispanic Linguistics; Variation Linguistics; Applied Linguistics; Language Contact; Interfaces Between Pronunciation, Grammar and Discourse; Latin American Narrative, and 20th-21st century Latin American Literature; Fantastic Literature; Colombian Narrative; Representation of Violence in Colombian Literature; Trauma; Latin American Poetry; Peruvian Poetry; Blanca Varela; Spanish Poetry; Poetry Written By Women; Spanish Civil War, and Latin America; Translation Studies; Comics, and Feminism; Contemporary Spanish Theater; Literature of the Republican Exile of 1939; 20th and 21st century Iberian Culture with a focus in Gender Studies.
  • Theology: History of the Religion of Ancient Israel; Deuteronomistic History; New Testament; New Testament Textual Criticism; New Testament Apocrypha; Linguistics and New Testament Greek; Socio-Scientific reading of the Bible; Missiological Reading of the Bible; History of Early Judaism; History of Early Christianity; Theology/Bible and Media; Fundamental Theology; Systematic Theology; Dogmatic Theology; Theology and Metaphysics in Western Civilization; Latin Patristics; Late Ancient and Medieval Theology and Philosophy; Moral Theology; Bioethics (Assisted Suicide); Social Justice and the Bible; Research Methods and Design.
Science and Engineering
  • Biology: Astrobiology, Life on Mars, Biotechnology, Colonization of the Solar System.
  • Computer Science: Numerical Methods, Multiscale Analysis, Planetary Science Applications, Hypervelocity Impacts, High-Strain Rate Simulations, Social Networks, Machine Learning Applications, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.
  • Earth Science: Environmental Responsible Behavior, Climate Literacy, Climate Action, Experiential Learning, High Impact Learning.
  • Engineering: Interstellar Medium, Physical Data and Processes, Astronomical Instrumentation, Systems Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking, Computer Vision, Advanced Robotics, Remote Laboratories, Optics Photonics, Mars Wind Sensors, Space Structures, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Cryogenics, Thermal Control, Analysis and Design of Space Structures, Solid and Fluid Mechanics, Finite Elements, Dynamic Analysis, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Laser Range Finders, Laser Atmospheric Remote Sensing, Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), LIBS in Monitoring Heavy Metals in Water, Solid State, and Gaseous Lasers Technology, Front-end Fast Amplification Electronics.
  • Mathematics: Algebra, Real Algebra Geometry, Complex Analysis, Geometric Function Theory, Negative Curved Spaces, Graph Theory, Fractional Calculus, Matrix Theory, Matrix Polynomials, Majorization, Condition Numbers and Backward Errors, Bispectral Problems, Numerical Linear Algebra.
  • Natural Sciences: Environmental Changes in Cultural Landscapes, Sustainable Development of Latin America, Environmental Management of Coastal Ecosystems, Conservation Biology and Sustainability in Africa.
  • Public Health: Food Environments, Urban Environments, Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Health Inequities, Social Epidemiology, Urban Health.

Recently Granted Funding 

Sabbatical Leaves



SLU-Madrid Internal Research Grants


Beaumont Scholarship Research Award


Scholarship Opportunity Fund


Other Research Funding

Faculty affiliated with external research groups granted funding from public and private institutions.

List of Recent Publications