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Registering for Classes

Students at Saint Louis University register for courses through Banner Self Service - Student, which they can access through My Apps Dashboard.

Students with a laptop looking at a phone in the patio of PRH.

Banner provides access for students to:

  • Check their billing information.
  • Add or drop courses.
  • Verify their financial aid information.
  • View student records and their transcript.

SLU Visiting Students

A SLU-Madrid admissions counselor at the Study Abroad Office in St. Louis will provide your registration PIN, which you will need to register and make changes (add/drop courses) online.

Non-SLU Visiting Students

First, meet with your home campus advisor. You are responsible for ensuring the courses you register for will fulfill your requirements and transfer to your institution. You don't need a PIN to register. However, during the authentication process, the first time you go to My Apps Dashboard, you may be asked for one. It's your date of birth, entered in the mm/dd/yyyy format. Also, if you entered a cell phone during authentication, make sure you have it with you to receive security codes.

All Other Students

Meet with your advisor before registration. An advisor-meeting hold may be placed on your account, which your advisor will release when you meet. You will not be able to register until your advisor releases this hold.

How to Register

Students have two options to register for classes.

  1. Search for courses and submit your Primary Cart through
    a. Use the Course Search panel on the left to filter courses of interest, choosing Madrid, Spain under Campus.
    b. See our one-page tutorial (PDF) for additional information.
  2. Use Banner Self Service.
    a. Log in to My Apps Dashboard.
    b. Click on the Banner Self Service - Student icon.
    c. Under Student Records / Registration links, click on Registration.
    d. Click on Register for Classes.
    e. Select the Term and click on Continue.
    f. Select "Madrid, Spain" under Campus and click Search or Advanced Search.
    g. Next to the course you want, click on Add and Submit or enter your course reference numbers (CRNs) in the boxes on the "Enter CRNs" tab and click Add to Summary.
    h. At the bottom of the page in the Summary Section, click Submit.
    i. To drop or withdraw from a course, view your registration in Banner and click on the down-arrow next to the course to change the registration status, then submit your changes.

Banner Self Service – Student also allows you to view your class schedule.

Schedule of Classes and Rooms


For full courses, add yourself to the waitlists.