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Culturally Competent Resources for Mental Health and Wellness

Lauren Schwarz, Ph.D., Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience and Neurology, also serves as Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. Her role is to help students maintain their mental health and wellness during their time at Saint Louis University’s School of Medicine.

Lauren Schwarz, Ph.D
Lauren Schwarz, Ph.D

We want to create physicians who are well-rounded, not only from an educational standpoint, but also in their ability to take care of themselves so they can better take care of others,” says Dr. Schwarz. Part of that is making sure that each student has access to customized, culturally-competent resources. “We see that each student is unique and we really tailor recommendations and referrals to them as an individual.” Below are some of the resources and articles Dr. Schwarz recommends, specifically for people of color.

  1. Equal Justice Initiative
  2. Shop Talks at the Black Mental Health Alliance
  3. Article: African Americans’ Access to Behavioral Health - American Psychological Association
  4. Black Therapists Rock
  5. Therapy for Black Girls
  6. Ourselves Black
  7. Mental Illness – Black/African American page