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2022 Medical School Reunion Weekend

Last fall, Saint Louis University School of Medicine welcomed to campus more than 197 alumni and friends, from all over the country.

Medical School Alumni pointing at a younger picture of himself during the surgery wall dedication
One reunion attendee points at a younger picture of himself during the surgery wall dedication.

This was the first School of Medicine Reunion since the campus closed in 2019 due to COVID-19. Class years in attendance included our 50th Anniversary year – 1972, accompanied by 1966, 1970, 1971, and 1981, as well as members of our White Coat Society. Alumni enjoyed a weekend filled with activities including student-led tours of the School of Medicine Campus; a tour and demonstration of new, cutting-edge technology at the Practical Anatomy and Surgical Education and Simulation Center; the dedication of the new LRC 360 Classroom' Surgery Wall Dedication and Ceremony; Meet the Dean Lunch; and catching up with former classmates.

Lo Family 360 Classroom Dedication

Supported by the generosity of the Lo Family, a new collaborative workspace was created and dedicated to the family in a special ceremony. “In keeping up with advances in medical education, we decided to dedicate resources from the Lo family to renovate the space as a 360 classroom, the first of its kind at SLU, but hopefully not the last,” said Dr. Christine Jacobs, dean of the School of Medicine and vice president for medical affairs. Patrick Lo is a member of Saint Louis University Board of Trustees and is a generous supporter of the University and the School of Medicine. Lo’s daughter graduated from the School of Medicine in 2011.

During the ceremony, Dr. Jacobs welcomed those in attendance - alumni, faculty, students, and friends. Dr. Chad Miller, senior associate dean for undergraduate medical education shared the vision for the future of medical education and transforming how students learn, study and practice. School of Medicine Student Erika Schmidt, spoke about the meaning of this new classroom and her positive educational experience at the School of Medicine.

Meet the Dean Lunch

Dr. Jacobs provided an update of the exciting initiatives happening in the School of Medicine to about 90 alumni attending the Meet the Dean lunch. Jacobs shared her vision and goals for the School of Medicine, and acknowledged the 105 alumni donors to date who have collectively donated $74,757 to the School of Medicine to make this vision a reality.

Surgery Wall Dedication and Reception

Much has evolved in surgical practice since the founding of Saint Louis University School of Medicine and the first professor of surgery in 1837. To honor the rich history of the Department of Surgery, a special dedication and reception took place to unveil the new Surgery Wall at SLUCare Academic Pavilion, reflecting of SLU’s pioneering moments.

The idea for the Surgery Wall originated with Dr. Sameer Siddiqui, chair of the Department of Surgery and the C. Rollins Hanlon Endowed Chair of Surgery. “When I took over as chair in 2018, I became very interested in learning more about the history of this department,” said Dr. Siddiqui.

Sameer Siddiqui stands at a lectern in front of the surgery wall, speaking into a microphone.
Dr. Sameer Siddiqui speaks at the dedication of the Surgery Wall at SLUCare Academic Pavilion.

“Our documents, pictures, and news clippings were scattered in boxes, various homes and offices, and spread all over the country," Dr. Siddiqui said. "Due to retirements and illness, we were losing key stories and the oral history of the department from our senior alumni.”

The Surgery Wall serves as a permanent, lasting showcase to celebrate the educators, researchers, innovators and thinkers who have shaped the department. Special thanks to Dr. Susan Willman, School of Medicine graduate from the class of 1982, and a generous supporter of SLU, student mental health and well-being initiatives, and the Department of Surgery. Dr. Willman’s contributions helped make this commemoration of the department’s history come to fruition.

Practical Anatomy and Surgical Education and Simulation Center

Dr. Siddiqui, Dr. John Martin and Dr. Christopher Behr showcased the new simulation center, the Practical Anatomy and Surgical Education Simulation Center (PASE), highlighting the latest surgical training tools in a variety of specialties.