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Nancy Phillips, M.D.

Associate Professor
Anatomic Pathology, Research


Medical College of Ohio, 1984


1988 Missouri license R8H53
1988 Certification in Anatomic Pathology, American Board of Pathology
1990-present Saint Louis University Hospital

Research Interests

Somatic genetics of human ovarian carcinoma; current work involves evaluation of several novel candidate tumor suppressor genes in a chromosomal region consistently deleted in early ovarian cancers.

Other interests, in collaboration:  Somatic genetics of breast proliferative lesions and early cancers. Clinicopathologic studies in gynecologic and breast cancer.


PubMed Listing

Phillips NJ, Davie JM. Idiotope structure and genetic diversity in anti-streptococcal group A carbohydrate antibodies. J. Immunol. 145:915-924, 1990.

Stanley SL, Foster L, Phillips NJ. Molecular analysis of carbohydrate antigen- induced molecular IgM anti-IgG antibodies (rheumatoid factors). Molec. Immunol. 29:453-461, 1992.

Phillips NJ, Ziegler MR, Saha BK, Xynos FP. Allelic loss on chromosome 17 in human ovarian cancer. Int. J. Cancer 54:85-91, 1993.

Radford DM, Fair KL, Phillips NJ, Ritter JH, Steinbrueck T, Holt MS, Donis-Keller H. Allelotyping of ductal carcinoma-in-situ (DCIS) of the breast: Deletion of loci on 8p, 13q, 16q, 17p, and 17q. Cancer Res. 55:3399-3406, 1995.

Radford DM, Phillips NJ, Fair KL, Ritter JH, Holt M, Donis-Keller H. Allelic loss and the progression of breast cancer. Cancer Res. 55:5180-5183, 1995.

Radford DM, Holt MS, Ritter JH, Phillips NJ, Fair KL, DeSchryver K, Schuh ME, Donis-Keller HR. Allelic loss on chromosome 8p occurs early in the development of breast carcinoma. Surg. Forum, 46:553-555, 1995.

Phillips NJ, Ziegler MR, Radford DR, Fair KL, Steinbrueck T, Xynos FP, Donis-Keller H. Allelic deletion on chromosome 17p13.3 in early ovarian cancer. Cancer Res. 56:606-611, 1996.

Phillips NJ, Ziegler MR, Deaven LL. A cDNA from the ovarian cancer critical region of deletion on chromosome 17p 13.3 Cancer Lett. 102:85-90, 1996.

Poulos J, Phillips NJ, Longo W. Lymphatic Cyst of the Colon. Dis. Colon Rectum 40:366-369, 1997.

Neuschwander-Tetri B, Ramrakiani S, Isley W, Oki J, Quiason S, Phillips N, Brunt E. Troglitazone-induced hepatic failure. Annals. Int. Med. 129:38-41, 1998.

Honors and Awards

1998 Saint Louis University Pathology Resident's Teaching Award
Best Doctors List, St. Louis Magazine, 2009-2018

Professional Organizations and Associations

American Society for Human Genetics
American Association for Cancer Research