Division of Pediatric Critical Care

The Saint Louis University Division of Pediatric Critical Care provides state-of-the-art medical management for critically ill children while improving the care of future patients through our multi-profession education and biomedical research efforts. We also provide community service through the individual specialized interests of our members.

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Faculty members of the division staff the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital 24 hours/day with in house coverage. We provide emergency care in other locations including the emergency room, operating room, cardiac catheterization laboratory and the transitional care unit.

Intensivists and advanced practice nurses respond to life-threatening emergencies throughout the hospital through the leadership of the Rapid Response and Code Teams. The division also provides sedation services for routine outpatient and inpatient procedures as well as procedural assistance for patients requiring drain placement or vascular access.

Our Role

Our role in the PICU centers on the delivery of state-of-the-art respiratory, circulatory and neurological management of critically ill children. Our service volume is roughly 1,000 patients per year with care provided either as the primary managing service or by co-management of every patient admitted to the PICU. We establish daily goals for all patients in the PICU and lead a multi professional team composed of nurses, advanced practice nurses, respiratory therapists, dieticians, social workers and others to achieve those goals. The division is fully involved in the Quality Improvement programs inherent to a well-managed quaternary care PICU at a freestanding children’s hospital.

Pediatric Critical Care Training

Our clinical workload helps provide educational opportunities to pediatric residents, surgery residents, emergency medicine fellows and residents, pediatric cardiology fellows, nurses, medical students, respiratory therapists and learners from the Air Force CSTARS program.

Our division offers an ACGME-accredited pediatric critical care fellowship training program. The division also provides continuing medical education on a local, regional, national and international basis particularly through instructor work for the Society of Critical Care Medicine (Pediatric Fundamentals of Critical Care Course), the Society for Pediatric Sedation (Pediatric Sedation Course) and the American Heart Association Pediatric Advanced Life Support Course.


  • Jason A Werner, M.D., and Jeremy S. Garrett, M.D., are involved in research involving applying the Society of Critical Care Medicine-developed Pediatric Fundamentals for Critical Care Support to resident education and assessing efficacy.
  • Robert Ream, M.D., has established a national reputation in pediatric organ donor management techniques.
  • Lia Lowrie, M.D., continues to work on multi-institution procedural sedation quality research and quality improvement techniques and quality outcomes.  
  • Nandini Calamur, M.D., continues her focus on teaching techniques for faculty and palliative care issues in pediatric critical care.
  • Teresa Andreone, M.D., is extending her focus from laboratory-based diabetes research to clinical research about diabetes management and novel education techniques.
  • Courtney Maguire, M.D., will be initiating a program for post-critical care follow up and critical care treatment-related delirium.
  • Anya Freedman, M.D., expores research interests that parallel her training in pediatric cardiothoracic critical care medicine.
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Honors and Service


  • Andreone, T: St. Louis Magazine's Best Doctors in St. Louis, 2006-2016; Best Doctors in America, 2007-16; Medical Director, Camp Korelitz, Cincinnati, Ohio August 2015; Team Nomination for Glennon Ambassadors Award; Individual Award for Excellence in Medical Care from Glennon Ambassadors
  • Garrett, J: St. Louis Magazine's Best Doctors in America, 2007-16; Best Doctors in America, 2007-16; CME Director, Department of Pediatrics, Saint Louis University School of Medicine; Society of Critical Care Medicine, Question editor & writer Pediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support; Reviewer, Abstracts, Society for Critical Care Medicine Annual Conference September 2015; Team Nomination for Glennon Ambassadors Award
  • Lowrie, L: Reviewer, Journal of Pediatrics; Reviewer, Abstracts, Society for Critical Care Medicine Annual Conference September 2015, St. Louis Magazine's Best Doctors in St. Louis, 2015 - 16; Reviewer, Abstracts, Society for Pediatric Sedation Annual Conference 2015; Team Nomination for Glennon Ambassadors Award
  • Ream, R: St. Louis Magazine's Best Doctors in St. Louis, 2005-16; Best Doctors in America, 2007-16
  • Associate Pediatric Medical Director, Mid-America Transplant Services; Projects Committee of the Organ Donation Research Consortium, Team Nomination for Glennon Ambassadors Award
  • Calamur N: SLU Department of Pediatrics Faculty Development Curriculum: Multiple presentations September 30, 2015 – March 16, 2016
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