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Research Cores and Laboratories

Animal Research Facility

The Animal Research Facility, located in the ABSL-3 facility of the vivarium in the Doisy Research Center, offers sophisticated equipment for the optical imaging of small animals.

Genomics Core Facility

Services at the Genomics Core Facility include genome-wide RNA expression analysis (RNA-seq), genomic chromatin immunoprecipitation using nextgen sequencing (ChIP-seq), and whole mammalian exome and small genome sequencing.

Flow Cytometry Research Core Facility

In addition to five flow cytometers available, the Flow Cytometry Research Core Facility oversees multiple ancillary instruments for use with sample preparation or further analysis. A variety of software programs is also available for use in data analysis.

Institute for Drug and Biotherapeutic Innovation

The I.D.B.I. A.D.M.E./P.K. Laboratory Service provides expertise, wet-bench support, and L.C./M.S. analysis to help researchers determine pharmacokinetic (P.K.) parameters of potential therapeutics. Drug absorption (A.), tissue distribution (D.), metabolism (M.), and excretion (E.) are critical parameters during drug development.

Research Microscopy and Histology Core

The Research Microscopy and Histology Core provides a wide range of microscopy equipment and histological and microscopy services on a fee-for-service basis to researchers at Saint Louis University and other universities and businesses worldwide.


Electron Microscopy Laboratory 

The Electron Microscopy Laboratory at Saint Louis University School of Medicine provides diagnostic electron microscopy (E.M.) services for a wide range of surgical specimens as stand-alone electron microscopic analysis or in conjunction with histological and immunohistochemical services provided by the Histopathology Laboratory.

Histopathology Laboratory

The Histopathology Laboratory offers experts highly trained in all aspects of histology, including complex procedures, to accommodate a wide range of testing needs.