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Nursing Scholarships

Thanks to our generous donors, the Valentine School of Nursing at Saint Louis University typically awards over $1 million in scholarship funds every academic year. Please follow the steps below to submit your scholarship application School of Nursing at SLU.

Scholarship Application Process

Submitting a FAFSA is highly recommended. Many Valentine School of Nursing scholarships are need-based, and completing the FAFSA will provide essential information that qualifies students for need-based scholarships.

Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Log in to 
  2. Click on the Scholarship Suite icon.
  3. Complete the general application questions upon entering the site.
    • It is strongly recommended that you complete every question within the general application, including the questions that aren't designated as required.
      • Completing all questions will give the scholarship committee valuable information to determine scholarship award decisions. Students who don't complete every question will still be evaluated but will not be considered competitive applicants. 
      • When asked if your degree has a concentration, list your program and specialty (if applicable). For example, "Four-year B.S.N." or "M.S.N.-FNP."
  4. Once you have completed the general application, you may apply for any scholarships in your recommended list with an “Apply” button. Please read these scholarships to verify you are qualified before applying. You must click on them to complete further questions to qualify for them.

    Any scholarships that do not have the “Apply” button will add your name after comparing the listed qualifications against the answers on the general application and your student information.

Note: Awarded scholarships may not exceed tuition costs. Any scholarship amount over tuition costs will not be given to students in a cash payout.

Scholarship Deadlines

  • T.B.S.N. and RN-B.S.N.: March 15
  • M.S.N.-NP, M.S.N.-CNL, PMC, B.S.N.-D.N.P. and M.S.N.-D.N.P.: March 15
  • A.M.S.N.: March 15. Awarded for second-year students only. 
  • A.B.S.N.: April 15. Awarded evenly between the second & third semesters only.
  • Ph.D.: Applications are open June 1 – July 25

Student Financial Services

Saint Louis University's Office of Student Financial Services is your most important resource for financial assistance. The office may be reached at 314-977-2350 or

Student Loan Counseling Service

  • Student Loan Tutor: This organization helps you find the least costly repayment plan over the life of your student loans. They are well-versed in income-based payment and public-service loan-forgiveness plans that many nurses qualify for while working in a nonprofit organization.  

Additional Opportunities  

External Opportunities

Explore Additional External Scholarship Opportunities