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SLU Center for Additive Manufacturing

Established in 2019 through a competitive grant from the Saint Louis University Research Institute, SLU-CAM is a resource for 3D printing, computer aided design and related activities, available to faculty, students and the community at large.

The Center houses two state-of-the-art industrial 3D printers; an FDM printer capable of printing a wide variety of materials, and a polyjet printer, capable of printing different colors and durometers within the same object. The Center has other 3D printers and laser cutters as well. Customers can bring in a CAD file ready to print or a simple sketch that the Center can develop into a printable object. The Center is located in the new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building on SLU’s North Campus. Our goal is to, through our 3D printing expertise and resources, support research, education and interdisciplinary collaboration at SLU, and within the St. Louis community.

Research Institute Grant

The grant that established SLU-CAM came from the Saint Louis University Research Institute, which was founded in 2018 from a historic $50 million gift from Dr. Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield. 
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Our Technology

Saint Louis University's Center for Additive Manufacturing or SLU-CAM is a 1000 sq ft facility housed in the New Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building (Room 204). The mission of the center is to connect students, researchers, and the community with expertise and resources in additive manufacturing.
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Our Team

Leadership Team

Andy Hall, D.Sc.Andrew F. Hall, D.Sc.

Co-founder and Director, SLU-CAM
Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Adjunct Associate Professor, Radiology
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Amer Sadikovic headshotAmer Sadikovic

Lead Engineer, SLU-CAM 


Scott Sell, Ph.D.Scott Sell, Ph.D.

Co-founder, SLU-CAM
Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Program Coordinator, Biomedical Engineering
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Scott Martin, Ph.D.Scott Martin, Ph.D.

Co-founder, SLU-CAM
Department Chair, Chemistry
Professor, Chemistry
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Advisory Board

Vince AnewenterVince Anewenter

Vince holds a BS in Business Finance from MSOE’s Raider School of Business and is a Journeyman toolmaker. He is currently the Director of the Rapid Prototyping Consortium at the Milwaukee School of Engineering where he has been actively involved in the additive manufacturing industry since 2004. As Director, Mr. Anewenter is responsible for providing strategic additive manufacturing guidance and new product development expertise to a non-compete consortium of over 45 companies located throughout the world. Areas of expertise include: additive manufacturing, 3D scanning, injection molding, stamping, castings and product design.

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Marc Bowers Marc Bowers

Marc Bowers is the founder of St. Louis Makes. He has over 20 years of new product development, product management and business development experience. Marc held positions at The Toro Company, Colgate-Palmolive and Purina as well as an entrepreneurial role as the founder of The Grun Company. He has managed numerous product launches and created several new distribution and dealer networks for various product lines across diverse industry segments. Marc earned a BA from the University of California, Los Angeles, and an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University in New York City.

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 Mike HillMike Hill

Mike is the founder and president of Hill Innovative Solutions, LLC. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Knox College, and an Executive MBA from Washington University's Olin School of Business. Mike’s extensive experience in design, development and manufacturing includes over 200 different products in multiple different industries including aerospace, respiratory protection, medical devices, sporting goods, consumer products, industrial equipment and power electronics. In his leadership of manufacturing, services, and maker space organizations he has incorporated “lean” and “continual improvement” manufacturing principles through MVP development, inventory control, reduced lead times, and employee engagement.

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Henry Randall, M.D.Henry Randall, M.D.

Dr. Randall is a Professor in the Department of Surgery, Division of Abdominal Transplant Surgery, at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. He specializes in liver, kidney, and pancreas surgery and transplantation. Research interests include 3-D and 4-D printing of transplantable tissue and organs, and the use of virtual reality in teaching and training, and eventually in the operative theatre. Other interests include outcomes research in transplantation, and establishing human hepatoma cell lines in mice.

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 Brandon WeggeBrandon Wegge

Formerly at Boeing, Brandon served in many Additive Manufacturing roles including Director of External Relations and Chief Engineer. Previous roles include Chief Engineer of Navy Sustainment, and A-10 Wing Replacement IPT leader. Brandon continues to serve as a City of Brentwood Alder-Man and as a volunteer in the community. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University, Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University, and a Masters in Business Administration from St. Louis University. He is an Associate Fellow of AIAA.

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Research Articles

Journal Articles

Castiaux, A. D.; Currens, E. R.; Martin, R. S., Direct embedding and versatile placement of electrodes in 3D printed microfluidic-devices. Analyst 2020, 145 (9), 3274-3282. doi:10.1039/d0an00240b

Hayter, E. A.; Castiaux, A. D.; Martin, R. S., 3D-printed microfluidic device with in-line amperometric detection that also enables multi-modal detection. Analytical Methods 2020, 12 (15), 2046-2051. doi:10.1039/d0ay00368a

Hamedani, B.A., Melvin, A., Vaheesan, K., Gadani, S., Pereira, K. and Hall, A.F. (2018), Three‐dimensional printing CT‐derived objects with controllable radiopacity. J Appl Clin Med Phys, 19: 317-328. doi:10.1002/acm2.12278

Hixon KR, Melvin AM, Lin AY, Hall AF, Sell SA. Cryogel scaffolds from patient-specific 3D-printed molds for personalized tissue-engineered bone regeneration in pediatric cleft-craniofacial defects. Journal of Biomaterials Applications. 2017;32(5):598-611. doi:10.1177/0885328217734824

De la Lastra AA, Hixon KR, Aryan L, Banks AN, Lin AY, Hall AF, Sell SA. Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Fabricated in Dissolvable 3D-Printed Molds for Patient-Specific Craniofacial Bone Regeneration. Journal of Functional Biomaterials. 2018; 9(3):46.