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Jack Fishman, Ph.D.

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Center for Environmental Sciences


Ph.D., Saint Louis University, 1977
M.S., Saint Louis University, 1974
B.A., University of Missouri, 1971

Publications and Media Placements

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Honors and Awards

Individual Achievement Awards 

  • Fellow, American Meteorological Society, 2010
  • Alumni Merit Award, Saint Louis University, 2009
  • Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Missouri—Columbia, 2005
  • American Meteorological Society Louis J. Battan Outstanding Author Award, 1997
  • NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement, 1993
  • NASA Outstanding Leadership Award, 1992
  • NASA Technical Excellence Award, 1987
  • Outstanding Paper in the Space Directorate 1993
  • Outstanding Paper in the Atmospheric Sciences Competency, 2001
  • “On-the-Spot” Award for Leadership during the Federal Laboratory Review, 1994
Achievement Awards as a Team Member
  • James D. Lawrence Outstanding Research Publication Award for the Science Directorate, 2009
  • Level I (Highest) Scientific and Technical Achievement Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, for “Improving National Air Quality Forecasts with Satellite Aerosol Observations,” 2007
  • William T. Pecora Award (DOI and NASA), presented to TOMS Science Team, 2006
  • Association of American Publishers Outstanding Achievements in Professional Publishing for Handbook of Weather, Climate, and Water, 2004
NASA Group Achievement Awards 
  • GLOBE Surface Ozone Protocol, 2009
  • NASA TOMS Science Team, 2006
  • NASA Earth Sciences Applications Team, 2005
  • Langley Geostationary Observatory for Tropospheric Air Chemistry (GeoTRACE), 2000
  • NASA Lidar Atmospheric Sounding Experiment, (LASE), 1995
  • Langley Disabled Persons Advisory Committee, 1991
  • Langley Differential Absorption CO Monitor (DACOM), 1985