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Elizabeth Hasenmueller, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Courses Taught

Water Our Precious Resources; Field Techniques in Geology; Environmental science Seminar Series; Surface Water Hydrology; Groundwater Hydrology; Environmental Geochemistry


Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis
M.A., Washington University in St. Louis
B.S., Indiana University

Research Interests

Hasenmueller's research focuses on the interaction of water, soil, and rock in both natural and altered systems.  She is particularly interested in water quality, especially as it relates to the origin and transport of contaminants in surface waters and groundwaters.  Thus, much of her work involves field studies in watersheds with varying land use.  In addition to her work in hydrochemistry, Hasenmueller is investigating soil biogeochemistry; in particular, she is examining soil CO2 dynamics and rooting depth as a function of topography as well as their relationship to bedrock weathering in forested systems.

Labs and Facilities

Hydrology and Geochemistry Lab

Publications and Media Placements

Robinson*, H.K., Hasenmueller, E.A., 2017, Transport of road salt contamination in karst aquifers and soils over multiple timescales, Science of the Total Environment, 603-604, 94-108. PDF

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Pearce*, A.R., Chambers, L.G., Hasenmueller, E.A., 2017, Characterizing nutrient distributions and fluxes in a eutrophic reservoir, Midwestern United States, Science of the Total Environment, 581-582, 589-600. PDF

Hasenmueller, E.A., Robinson*, H.K., 2016, Hyporheic zone flow disruption from channel linings: Implications for the hydrology and geochemistry of an urban stream, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Journal of Earth Science, 27, 98-109. PDF

Hasenmueller, E.A., Jin, L., Stinchcomb, G.E., Lin, H., Brantley, S.L., Kaye, J.P., 2015, Topographic controls on the depth distribution of soil CO2 in a small temperate watershed. Applied Geochemistry, 63, 58-69. PDF

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Frierdich, A.J., Hasenmueller, E.A., Catalano, J.G., 2011, Composition and structure of nanocrystalline Fe and Mn oxide deposits: Implications for contaminant mobility in a shallow karst system, Chemical Geology, 284, 82-96. PDF