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Information for Faculty

Faculty use Banner Self-Service, Saint Louis University—Madrid’s database system, to view and print class rosters, view classroom assignments and class schedules, obtain student email addresses, list office hours and assign student grades.

Logging in to Banner Self-Service

To log in to Banner Self-Service, visit, click on the Tools tab and click on the Banner Self-Service icon. If you've never logged onto Banner Self-Service before or your account has been reset, learn how to access your account.

If you are unable to log on or don’t know your Banner SLU Net ID or password, contact the registrar's office at Include your name and Banner ID number in the email.

In Banner Self-Service you will see the following menu items: Main Menu, Employee, Personal Information and Faculty Services.

To view and print a list of students and email the class
  • Click on Faculty Services
  • Click on Term Selection and choose the correct term
  • Click on Class List: Summary
  • Select the class in the drop down menu if teaching more than one course
  • Click on Submit
  • The option Class List: Detail – provides further information on each student, i.e. major.
To view a student’s academic transcript
  • Click on Faculty Services
  • Click on Student Information Menu
  • Click on ID Selection
  • Leave the default term as is and click on Submit
  • Enter the student’s Banner ID number (9 digits) in the space next to Student or Advisee ID
  • Click on Submit
  • Verify the name of the student, click on Submit
  • Click on Academic Transcript
  • Click on Display Transcript
To submit your grades
To view detailed information on the courses you are assigned to teach
  • Click on Term Selection and choose the correct term
  • Click on Faculty Detail Schedule

Grading for Undergraduate Courses

A final grade must be submitted for every student on your rosters, including for those who do not take the final exam or have stopped coming to class. The grade of 0 should be assigned for missing assignments or exams, and the overall resulting grade should be submitted. It’s complicated for our office to resolve a final grade when it has been left blank.

Note that if a student's final grade is an F, the last day of attendance needs to be entered next to the grade. Otherwise, none of the grades for your course will be submitted.

The grading system at Saint Louis University follows a 0.0 to 4.0 grade point scale. Grades are assigned as follows:

Grade Grade Points Equivalent
A 4.0 High achievement and intellectual initiative.
A- 3.7 Approaching high achievement.
B+ 3.3 Slightly higher than above-average achievement.
B 3.0 Above-average achievement.
B- 2.7 Approaching above-average achievement.
C+ 2.3 Slightly higher than average achievement.
C 2.0 Average achievement.
C- 1.7 Below-average achievement. Grade may not fulfill C or better course requirements.
D 1.0 Inferior but passing achievement. Students should check individual school or department policies for further information on potential implications of D grades.
F 0 Failure
FQ 0 Failure due to "quit attending." Equivalent to F but assigned when the failure grade results because the student has stopped attending classes while still registered for the course.
AU * Audit. Course appears on the transcript, but no credit is given toward graduation. When students register to audit a course, the grade AU automatically appears in their transcript and a final grade does not need to be entered. If the student has not satisfactorily completed the course, contact the registrar and request that the grade of W, authorized withdrawal (or unsatisfactory audit), be entered on the student’s transcript.
I * Coursework incomplete due to extraordinary circumstances. Must be removed within one year after the course is taken or the I converts to an F. For graduating seniors, this conversion takes place 30 calendar days after the commencement date. An Incomplete is a signed contract between the student and the instructor, to be used only in extraordinary circumstances. You or the student should obtain a Petition for Course Extension (Incomplete) form from the Registrar's Office. You will assign a final date for work to be completed, both you and the student sign the contract, and one of you brings it to the Registrar. When the work is completed and you are ready to assign a grade, follow the steps to change a grade.
S * Satisfactory. Credit is given toward graduation but has no effect on grade point average. Equivalent to C or better. Not applicable to students studying business.
U * Unsatisfactory. No credit toward graduation. Equivalent to C-, D or F. Not applicable to students studying business.
P * Pass. Credit is given toward graduation but has no effect on grade point average. Equivalent to C or better. Only available for courses taken as electives.
NP * No Pass. No credit toward graduation. Equivalent to C-, D or F. Only available for courses taken as electives.
W   Authorized withdrawal. The system automatically assigns this grade when a student withdraws within the dates defined in the academic calendar. You cannot assign this grade.

*Grade has no effect on the grade point average.

For specific clarifications on grading, consult with your academic division chair.

Important Deadlines and Procedures

A week before the first day of class

Save an electronic copy of your syllabus in the shared directory syllabi, available when you log into your Windows account from any campus computer.

Third week of classes

Print out your class list in Banner, take attendance and notify the registrar of any discrepancies, i.e., a student who attends your class but does not show on the roster or vice-versa. This will help us track students who leave a course without dropping it in Banner or have registered incorrectly.


Inform the registrar's office at any time during the semester if you note a student is attending class but is not on the roster or if a student is on your roster but is not attending.


Submit your midterm grades via Banner Self-Service. See the academic calendar for the deadline to submit grades.

End of semester

Submit your final grades via Banner Self-Service. See the academic calendar for the deadline to submit grades.