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FAQs About 1818

If you're considering applying for the 1818 Advanced College Credit program but want to learn more, take a look at these frequently asked questions.

Who can participate in the 1818 Advanced College Credit program?
Students admitted to the 1818 Program are typically juniors or seniors with at least a 3.0 GPA. Sophomores who meet certain requirements are  eligible to participate in the 1818 Program. Please see the 1818 registration page for further details. 
Does my 1818 credit have to be used at Saint Louis University?
1818 credit are widely accepted at colleges and universities nationwide. You do not have to go to Saint Louis University to use your 1818 Program credits.
How does AP and 1818 credit differ?

AP courses are run through CollegeBoard, and students are granted credit based on one comprehensive test at the end of the year. 1818 credit is awarded by the grade earned in the class over the course of a year or semester and are run through Saint Louis University.

How do I know if my 1818 credit will transfer to the college or university I'm interested in attending?

Each college/university has its own unique policies regarding the acceptance of credit and its applicability to specific degree programs. These policies may change from year to year and may apply different from student to student. In most cases, colleges and universities will accept courses that align with courses at their institution and in which the student earns a grade of C or higher.

Students can transferability at various institutions using the following resources:

  • A free site that requires an account creation. It allows you to list all of your SLU 1818 courses and search through participating universities to see how the credits translate at the institution.
  • Institution websites: To find out how specific courses transfer to that university, conduct a web search to locate their transfer policy page. Some recommended search prompts include: "[Institution name]'s transfer equivalency," "[Institution name]'s transfer credit policies," etc.
  • Institution's admission office: Contact the institution's admission office directly to ask how dual-credit courses might transfer.
What do I do if I miss registration?

Exceptions are limited for those who miss the deadline to register. If you believe you are in a circumstance that prevented you from registering before the given deadline, please contact your high school coordinator immediately.

How do I get my tuition bills?

Tuition bills are mailed to your home and emailed to the parent and student. Bills are sent after the registration period ends; Fall bills are sent in October and spring bills are sent in February.

What happens if I don't pay my bill?

Students with unpaid balances on their account after our payment deadlines will have a registration hold and a transcript hold placed on their account. Registration holds prevent registration for future 1818 coursework and Saint Louis University classes. Transcript holds prevent the student from transferring any of their earned 1818 credits to their college or university of choice. 

Registration and transcript holds are lifted once payment is received and processed by the Saint Louis University. There are no late fees for late payment.

What do I do if I can't log into my MySLU student account?
You may be locked out of your account, your password has expired, or you have the wrong username or password. Contact SLU IT services at 314-977-4000 for assistance. 

What academic resources, such as tutoring, do students have access to?
Since 1818 students are considered SLU students, they also have access to the academic support resources available to full-time students. This includes access to academic advising, tutoring, disability accommodations, writing center and more. Families interested in utilizing these resources should review the Student Success Center website. 
Where can I get a 1098T form?
1098T forms are mailed from SLU's servicer ECSI at the end of January. If you have not received a copy, you can get one from the student's mySLU portal under the Student tab, or you can pull them from the ECSI website using the student's name and social security number. 
How can I view my registration and grades (unofficial transcript)?

When you first begin making your college schedule, your college advisor may ask you to share with them a list of the 1818 courses you've taken in high school. They may refer to this list as your "unofficial transcripts."

Your unofficial transcripts can be viewed through your student MySLU account using the following steps:

Log into your mySLU student account. If you've never set up mySLU, please follow these directions using the credentials located in your 1818 registration confirmation email.

When you are logged into your account:

1. Search for and click on "Banner Self-Service - Student App"
2. Click on the "Unofficial Academic Transcript"
3. On the next page select "all levels" under transcript level and "Banner Self-Service" under Transcript Type

For assistance setting up your MySLU account and viewing your unofficial transcripts, please contact our student helpdesk at 314-977-4000.

How do I send my transcripts (transfer credits) to my university? 

When you are ready to order an official transcript to send to your university, you may do so here

The cost to send an official e-transcript is $5. You only need your SLU-issued student banner ID or social security number to order.

Questions on the transcript request form that we frequently get questions about:

  • Are you a current student: No
  • Were you a student before 1988? : No
  • When were you a student?: Select the first year that you began taking 1818 classes and the last year you took 1818 classes. This can also be a rough estimate.
  • Contact Information: This needs to be you, the student.
  • University Information: Only provide a valid university email address if required (do not put your own email in this section or you will send it to yourself).
I took a 1818 class at my high school and completed the course, but did not register at the start of the term. Can I still receive credit for the course?

SLU does not provide retroactive credit. Students who do not register by the registration deadline will not be eligible to receive SLU 1818 Program credit, even if they completed the 1818 course.

Can I pay for my classes when I'm registering for my classes?

No. Billing statements are e-mailed directly to the parent/guardian listed in the student application at the end of the registration period. Billing statements can only be generated after all steps in the student's application have been completed, with the final step being verification of the student's enrollment by their high school.