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Transfer Credits

Our students report that over 500 colleges and universities internationally have accepted credits earned through Saint Louis University's 1818 Advanced College Credit Program.

Some were accepted as elective courses only. The 1818 Advanced College Credit Program assumes no responsibility for validating the accuracy of the responses. It is the responsibility of the student to contact prospective institutions to discuss exactly how credits will transfer.

  • If You Are Planning to Study at SLU: Grades earned through the 1818 Advanced College Credit program are considered Saint Louis University grades and will become part of your undergraduate GPA if you enroll at SLU as a full-time student.
  • If You Are Planning to Study Elsewhere: If you are not planning to attend SLU, please note that most institutions typically do not accept grades lower than a "C" for transfer credit. 
  • If You Are Planning to Earn a Degree in Medicine or Other Highly Selective Programs: Institutions (including SLU) may not accept 1818 credits. 

It is your responsibility to investigate how other institutions transfer in credits earned through the 1818 Advanced College Credit program. When considering how your credits will transfer, it's important to know the distinction between transferability and applicability of credits.

  • Transferability means that the credit hours from your past colleges/universities will be posted to your college record. 
  • Applicability means that transfer credit posted to your college record will apply toward your degree requirements. The applicability of credit will depend on the course equivalencies previously established and the evaluations by your academic advisor. Your credits may transfer, but they may not always apply to your degree requirements.

How Do I Transfer My 1818 Credits?

When you're ready to transfer your 1818 credits,  you may do so quickly and easily by ordering an official SLU transcript below. We recommend viewing your unofficial transcripts before ordering official transcripts to confirm that all of your courses and grades are posted. Any transcripts ordered with missing grades will need to be reordered when grades are posted if a student wishes to receive credit for their coursework.

View and Request Transcripts Online 

Where Will My 1818 Credits Transfer?

The resource below is meant to help assist families in researching 1818 credit transferability to different institutions nationally. However, it is your responsibility as a student to contact prospective institutions to discuss exactly how credits will transfer.

  • is a free site that requires an account creation. It allows you to list all of your SLU 1818 courses and search through participating universities to see how the credits traditionally are articulated at the institution. Saint Louis University is a partner institution of the website and regularly updates its courses to ensure maximum accuracy. 

Trouble Transferring Credits?

The 1818 Program knows you've worked hard for your credits. While it is the student's responsibility to contact prospective institutions before enrolling to find out how credits will transfer, the 1818 Program will assist you if you encounter transfer issues. Please note we will exhaust all avenues to try to help you, but it is the host university's ultimate decisions based upon their internal policies.

If you have transfer issues, please follow these steps:

  1. Request an explanation why the course was not transferred and offer to provide your course syllabus for review. If you do not have a copy of your syllabus still, please contact
  2. If after review of the syllabus you still cannot transfer your credit, please contact the 1818 Program at and put us in contact with who you have been speaking with regarding your transfer credit.
  3. If we cannot resolve the issue, we will attempt to connect a SLU faculty member with a member of the host institution's faculty to discuss the course content to attempt to resolve the transfer issue.