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Billiken Profiles: Antonio Donohue

Saint Louis University junior Antonio Donohue never misses an opportunity get involved on campus. When this pre-med health sciences student isn't in class or studying, he stays busy with a variety of clubs, from Wilderness Adventure Club to KSLU radio to Dance Marathon. 

Antonio Donohue

Antonio Donohue (Photo by Camron Morrissey)

Year: Junior

Major: Health Sciences (Pre-Med)

Minors: Biology, Health Care Ethics 

Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia 

Clubs and Organizations: University Ambassador, Resident Advisor, SLU Chemistry Department Teaching Assistant, SLU 101, Oriflamme, St. Louis Scores, SLU Running Club, SLU Photography Club, SLU Dance Marathon, SLU Wilderness Adventure Club, Camp Kesem, KSLU, Campus Kitchen, Friends of Medecins San Frontieres, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Minority Association for Pre-Health Students, SLU Stem Wellness

About Me

I think there are two phrases that embody who I am perfectly! I try to embody the color yellow; it’s such a happy and positive color, which is the type of energy I try to put forth into the world. I also, jokingly, consider myself a plant! I think I photosynthesize to get all the energy I have. I know that’s not biologically possible, but you’ll catch me out in the sun more often than not. 

Highlights of My SLU Experience   

One of my highlights is without a doubt my experience as one of Dr. Alagic’s students! She’s one of the General Chemistry professors here, and she is absolutely fantastic! Chem is certainly a difficult subject, but Dr. Alagic managed to make it fun with her energy and genuine care for all her students! I went to office hours every week after class, and she still showed the same excitement and care for me that she did on day one! 

What I Love Abut SLU's Campus

My favorite thing about SLU’s is the "West Pine Effect." Basically, you can’t go more than 20 feet on campus without running into someone you know, which I absolutely love! Whenever I have any free time, I’ll try and stay out in front of the Center For Global Citizenship so I can talk and see all of my friends. 

How I Stay Connected to Other Billikens  

I have this personal policy where I’ll try anything at least once! Whether it be a club meeting, SLU-wide event, new restaurant — whatever!! I’ll tag along with my friends to all of these things. It really allows me to experience new things and continue building relationships with my fellow Billikens. 

Favorite Things About St. Louis

St. Louis is such a good foodie city! Every neighborhood has such a unique taste, and it’s so possible for one to eat their way through the city of St. Louis. Especially with the City Foundry opening up near campus, I have the opportunity to explore food so much more! 

Advice for Your College Search 

Universities all over the country are hosting various admissions events, and I highly recommend that you go to as many of them as you can. Even if they’re virtual it’s a great way to get a feel of campus and envision yourself there. But in the end, trust yourself! It may be hard to figure out what exactly you want from a university, but in the end your decision is your decision.

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