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Billiken Profiles: Martha Barnds

For art-lover Martha Barnds, making the most of her first year at SLU means exploring all the city has to offer, like world-class museums and a great foodie scene, along with getting to know her fellow Billikens. 

Image of SLU student Martha Barnds

Martha Barnds (photographed by Sarah Conroy)

Year: Freshman

Major: Art History

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

Clubs and Organizations: SLU Swift Society

Why I Chose SLU

It checked all my boxes: awesome location, amazing people, a campus in Madrid and the Jesuit tradition. The first time I visited SLU, I felt like this was the place. The people here were so nice and welcoming and I loved the atmosphere of the campus. 

When I Knew I Was Meant to Be a Billiken  

A couple of weeks before college decision day, I was in Madrid for spring break. In the Madrid airport I saw two SLU students. They talked about their SLU experience and that sealed the deal for me.

Fun Fact About My Major 

We are in proximity to so many amazing art museums like the Saint Louis Art Museum and even three art museums on campus.

Getting to Know SLU's Campus

I love the patio behind the Samuel Cupples house. It's my favorite place to eat breakfast and catch up on work. I also love SLU’s proximity to so many cool places like the Fox theater, the Foundry, Pappy's BBQ and Fresh Thyme grocery store. 

Exploring St. Louis

On the weekends, my favorite thing to do is explore and find new places to eat near campus! 

My Top College Tips

Go with your gut. You'll know the feeling.


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