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Billiken Profiles: Elizabeth Wangley

Freshman Elizabeth Wangley may be new to Saint Louis University, but she's getting connected to other Billikens though her learning community, the SLU Honors Program, a variety of clubs and, of course, her classes (she's a finance major). 

Elizabeth Wangley

Elizabeth Wangley (Photo by Camron Morrissey) 

Year: Freshman

Major: Finance  

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri  

Clubs and Organizations: Ethical Leaders in Business Learning Community, Honors Program, Finance Club, Asian American Association

About Me

I have been a competitive figure skater for over 10 years now. Besides skating, I also enjoy tennis and track (hurdling is my favorite event). I love to travel and am an absolute foodie especially when it comes to Asian cuisine. Drone piloting is one of the hobbies that I take with me when I travel. 

Why I Chose SLU 

I was attracted by the Business Scholars Program and Honors Program. I was also impressed by how the SLU admissions team communicated with me. It was very personal and welcoming. I also found that SLU’s proximity to home was a perk.

Highlight from My SLU Experience So Far

The professors I have met are very eager to help me learn. I feel comfortable asking lots of questions. In my math class, I enjoy working with my classmates to solve problems. I like the teamwork aspect, it helps me understand the process.

What I Love About SLU's Campus

It is a beautiful campus and everything is fairly close together. There are also many places to grab a bite in between classes. The hammocks placed around campus are the perfect place to relax and enjoy a Frappuccino from Starbucks.

How I Stay Connected to Other Billikens  

I connect with other Billikens by going to school events, playing sports at the rec center, or just hanging out on my floor lounge. I am also involved in clubs.

Favorite Things About St. Louis

I love the traditions here. There are many activities that are a must-do like going to a Cardinal’s baseball game, enjoying a picnic on Art Hill, going ice skating at Steinberg, and trying the delicious Ted Drewes’ Frozen Custard. SLU does a great job of making sure students have the opportunity to get involved with these traditions.

What Else Should You Know About Me?

A fun fact about me is that I have a cat. She enjoys going on walks while dressed up in flashy outfits.

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