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Billiken Profiles: Brooke Kenworthy

Minors are a great way to explore an interest outside of your main academic focus. Saint Louis University sophomore Brooke Kenworthy chose to add a minor in studio art to her civil engineering major. 

Brooke Kenworthy

Brooke Kenworthy (Photo by Camron Morrissey) 

Year: Sophomore

Major: Civil Engineering

Minor: Studio Art 

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee  

Clubs and Organizations: Student Government Association, Model United Nations, Society of Women Engineers, Engineering and Innovation Learning Community

Why I Chose SLU

SLU checked all of the boxes I was looking for in a college. It was a good distance from home, faith-based and offered the financial aid I required. 

Highlights from My SLU Experience 

The first snow my freshman year was very exciting! My roommates and I went outside and visited the Cupples House while it was snowing, and it was very lovely. Also, getting to eat in the dining hall with my friends for the first time my sophomore year was super exciting since we didn’t get to do that my freshman year (because of COVID-19 precautions).

What I Love About SLU's Campus

SLU’s campus is so beautiful! The greenery mixed with the urban surroundings make for an awesome environment to study in. Also, there are bunnies everywhere, which is definitely a bonus.

How I Stay Connected to Other Billikens  

You’d be amazed how many friendships start by simply striking up a conversation with people you meet on the elevator. 

Advice For the College Search Process

Follow your gut! Pick a place where students smile back at strangers and look genuinely happy to be there.

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