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Digital Badges

The Mission Meets the Market Digital Badge Program from the Chaifetz School of Business provides students and others an opportunity to demonstrate their unique skills to employers and the community.

What are Digital Badges?

Digital badges from the Chaifetz School of Business are micro-credentials that provide participants with recognition and an opportunity to demonstrate their unique skills. Badges are available in a variety of areas to help participants certify their competence with in-demand skills in today's job market, and acknowledge their accomplishments and engagement with the SLU and external communities. Badges can be displayed on LinkedIn, online resumes and more to help job seekers differentiate themselves in the market.

Types of Digital Badges

  • Skill Builder - Badge earners demonstrate competence in specific areas, which involve assessment or reflection. (e.g., ELIte Leader: Ethical Leadership)
  • Achievement - Badge earners achieve a goal, applying competencies they have learned (e.g., pitch competition, case study)
  • Recognition - Badge earners are recognized for volunteering their expertise to "skill builder" and "achievement" earners (e.g., Business Success Mentors)

How do Digital Badges work? 

Content and requirements are unique to each badge but generally require 10 hours of engagement, learning and/or experiences. With successful completion and verification of badge criteria, earners are awarded the corresponding digital badge. This program aims to combine innovation, personal development and community impact. 

Who owns the Digital Badges? 

Each badge is owned by the badge creator or a designated member of the associated department or center.

How much does a Digital Badge cost?

  • $5 minimum for Recognition or Achievement badges
  • $15 minimum for Skill Builder badges
  • Cost may also include production, design and expert involvement in the creation and administration of digital badge

Who pays for the badge?

  • The cost for badges may be covered by individual participants, the associated center or department, or some badge creators may offer scholarships or discount codes sponsoring organizations, depending on the intended participants. The badge creator determines the price. 
  • Scholarships or discount codes may be offered by some badge creators. 

Where can I learn about available badges?

  • Interested participants can learn about available digital badges, other training courses and events at the Emerson Leadership Institute's Online Training Center.
  • Currently available digital badges include:
    • ELIte Leadership Series - The Ethical Leader
    • Community Engagement - Transformative Service
  • Coming in Spring 2023:
    • ELIte Leadership Series - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A sample digital badge consisting of a circle with the SLU seal and the text Saint Louis University Chaifetz School of Business Elite Leader"

A sample Digital Badge