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Service Leadership Senior Reflection

This Service Leader Spotlight features Molly Meer's senior reflection on the Service Leadership Program.

When I joined the Service Leadership Program as a sophomore, I did not know the impact that it would have on my life. Now, as a senior nearing graduation, I see that the Service Leadership Program has played a key role in forming me not only into a leader, but into an agent for social change. Service and leadership can and should go hand in hand.

Reflecting on my time in the Service Leadership Program, I am flooded with memories of the past three years. I am reminded of the Service Leadership spring break trip to Washington, D.C. sophomore year, the Wednesday nights that I served at Labre, Tuesday afternoon meetings with Service Leadership Advisory Board and Friday afternoon workshops. Each experience had an impact on who I have become as both a servant and a leader. The most important aspect that I have learned through these experiences is being a servant leader means building meaningful relationships. The relationships that I have built through Labre with those who experience homelessness in St. Louis have challenged my perceptions and opened my eyes to the injustices in our society. I have also built lasting friendships with other servant leaders. I am constantly learning from the community of people the Service Leadership Program has provided for me. While I have learned lessons about the value of corporate social responsibility, self-growth and how to work toward social change; I ultimately learned how to be a woman “for and with others.”

My experiences in the program have truly challenged and shaped me into the servant leader and friend that I did not know I could be 3 years ago. As the founder of servant leadership, Robert Greenleaf, says, “good leaders must first become good servants.” Through building relationships, the Service Leadership Program has taught me how to be a servant first in order to be a good leader. As I graduate and begin my career, I will carry with me the lessons that I have learned and the relationships that I have formed. I will continue to strive to be a servant leader in every aspect of my life.