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Marketing Professor Katie Kelting Receives University Teaching Award

Katie Kelting, Ph.D., assistant professor of marketing at the Chaifetz School of Business, was awarded the 2019 Nancy McNeir Ring Award for Excellence in Teaching by Alpha Sigma Nu at the December Commencement on Friday, Dec. 13.

The award was established in 1966 and was named in honor of SLU’s first dean of women who was known for her devotion to students throughout her tenure. It is the only honor initiated and bestowed by students representing all colleges and schools at Saint Louis University.

"In the nomination letters for Professor Kelting, it was evident that she displays the qualities of scholarship, loyalty and service within the classroom," said Sarah Melulis, the president of Alpha Sigma Nu.

Katie Kelting, Ph.D. address the 2019 midyear commencement graduates.

Katie Kelting, assistant professor of marketing at the Chaifetz School of Business, addresses the graduates after being presented the Nancy McNeir Ring Excellence in Teaching Award at Saint Louis University's midyear commencement on Dec. 13, 2019. Photo by Steve Long

According to students' nomination letters, Kelting's teaching style is engaging, passionate and driven, Melulis said.

"Every day that I teach, I strive to show my students my passion for what I am teaching yet also my respect for them as one of my students," said Kelting. "I truly enjoy teaching, so my hope is that my positive attitude in the classroom will be contagious and will have some positive impact, big or small, on the lives of my students."

Kelting's passion for marketing and dedication to teaching her students extends outside the classroom. She has dedicated extra time to supporting student involvement through marketing club, non-profit organizations or athletic events, Melulis said.

"I have been blessed with so many amazing teachers in my life – men and women who have motivated and challenged me to learn while also embracing my curiosity for the why. Without doubt, these men and women have positively impacted my life, and as such, I have always felt a sense of indebtedness," Kelting said. "So when I entered the academic profession, I made a promise to myself to try my best to ‘pay it forward.’”

The Chaifetz School of Business recognizes faculty who are dedicated and passionate about teaching their students in a hands-on, applied way that sets them up for success in their careers after graduation. This recognition will shape Kelting's philosophy and outlook on teaching in the future.

"This award is (and will be) a tangible reminder of not only the promise that I made to myself but also how amazing it feels when you have a positive impact on a student," Kelting said.

As this year’s Ring Award recipient, Kelting addressed the graduates at Mid-Year Commencement on December . Kelting describes how her mantra, "pay it forward," has inspired her to find ways to give back to her students and to the community.

"So, when you leave SLU, if you happen to find your 'new' surroundings to be 'different' or if you find the 'new' people that you meet to be 'different,' then don’t panic," Kelting urged. "Don’t feel the need to change. Just be you. Be a Billiken. Continue to think about and help others and inspire those around you to do the same.


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