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Billicon Valley Promotes Entrepreneurship among SLU Students

billicon valleyThe SLU Entrepreneurs' Club partners with the Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship at the Chaifetz School of Business several times each year to host Billicon Valley, an  event to connect SLU students with local start-up businesses in the St. Louis region

“Billicon Valley inspires students to think like an entrepreneur,” said Meghan Loftus, current president of the SLU Entrepreneurs' Club. “The event gives students a platform to showcase their talents, skills and course work to possible employers." 

The Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship and the club recruit over thirty start-ups in St. Louis to participate in each Billicon Valley event. Seeking young professionals to contribute to the growth of their businesses makes for a unique experience for both students and start-ups.

The event allows students of all majors the opportunity to establish connections with new businesses to gain experience and grow their professional careers through internships or even post-graduate career.

student talking with business at billicon valley
“This networking event introduces SLU students to smaller companies. Billicon Valley does a great job of opening students' eyes to the opportunities working for a start-up provides, and the potential for growth within a smaller company,” said Loftus. “It encourages students to use innovation to better the world we live in; seamlessly combining entrepreneurship and the Jesuit mission.”

Interested in entrepreneurship? Learn more about Saint Louis University's Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship or the entrepreneurship major at the Chaifetz School of Business.