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Chaifetz School Service Leaders Shadow COO of Big Brothers Big Sisters

Every year, students in the Saint Louis University Chaifetz School of Business' Service Leadership Program participate in an Executive Shadow Day at a local company to learn more about its mission and gain insight into the working world. This year, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri (BBBSEMO), located just a block from Saint Louis University, hosted the event.

Business students shadow executives from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri

SLU business students shadowing executives from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri listen as COO Kristen Slaughter shares her insights on working for a nonprofit.

SLU's service leaders had the opportunity to spend the day with the executive team of BBBSEMO to learn about opportunities for business students in the non-profit industry.

“Being aware of what your passion is and what you're good at is important,” said Kristen Slaughter, Chief Operating Officer of BBBSEMO. “Those business skills are transferrable from a corporate setting to a non-profit setting and beyond.”

The executive team described BBBSEMO’s mission to serve the community by facilitating healthy and lasting mentor relationships, saying they put the needs of the children they serve at the center of their operation.

“It was so enlightening to talk with the executives of BBBSEMO and to learn more about the amazing work happening just minutes from our campus,” said Ellie Metz, a junior service leader studying economics. “It was clear throughout the day that an emphasis was placed on using one’s personal skills and talents to create change in the community.”

Through the conversations and lessons taught at Executive Shadow Day, SLU's servant leaders were able to see how business and personal passions can be connected at a not-for-profit organization such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri. 

“The CEO of BBBSEMO, Becky James-Hatter, discussed best how they attempt to bridge the opportunity gap while balancing social inequities, such as the racism our city has faced,” said senior Adele Schenk. “It was great to hear from the CEO how the organization seeks to create lasting change in the St. Louis community.”

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