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eXplorance Blue

eXplorance® Blue is the University-provided online course evaluation tool. Blue was piloted with a handful of departments starting Spring 2016. The Provost is targeting that all units will use Blue for course evaluations by Fall 2017.

Topics Covered:

Overview of Blue Course Evaluations

Blue is an online course evaluation tool that allows students to complete course evaluations easily from a phone, tablet or computer.

How to Access Blue


  1. Email Notifications - Click the link included in the evaluation email reminders to access the Blue course evaluation form(s) for courses with open evaluations.
  2. mySLU Tools tab - Click the ‘Blue Course Evaluations' icon to access the dashboard in Blue, listing any open course evaluation tasks.
  3. Blackboard Learn - On the Home tab is a module called ‘Blue Course Evaluations' which displays links to any open course evaluations that a student needs to complete.

Blue Student Module in Bb Learn

Instructors and Department Chairs / Administrators:

  1. Email Notifications - Click the link included in the evaluation email reminders to access the Blue course evaluation reports(s) for past terms or response rates for ongoing evaluations.
  2. mySLU Tools tab - Click the ‘Blue Course Evaluations' icon to access the dashboard in Blue to view evaluation reports for past terms or the Response Rate Monitor for open evaluations.
  3. Blackboard Learn - Once logged in to Blackboard Learn, click on the ‘Blue Course Evaluations' link at the top right to open a new tab with modules to view response rates and access evaluation reports.

Blue Instructor tab in Bb Learn

Blue FAQs

Q: I lost the email reminder with the course evaluation links, how can I access the eval?
A: You can access the Blue system from the mySLU Tools tab or from Blackboard Learn. Check out the How to Access Blue section above for more info.

Q: I missed the deadline to fill out the course evaluation, can it be reopened for me?
A: No, however if you would like to submit feedback to your instructor or department you can email the feedback to Your name will be removed and only your comments will be sent to the instructor.

Q: Does every course at SLU use Blue for course evaluation?
A: No, non-traditional courses like Independent Study, Thesis Research, and Dissertation Research are usually excluded from evaluations. If you need more specific information about which courses are included in evaluations for a given semester, please contact the department chair.

Q: What is the course evaluation period? Is it the same for all courses?
A: No, the dates and length of the evaluation period for a course vary based on the length of the course. During the evaluation period, the student will see the “due date” and completion status for each open course evaluation in Blue.

Q: Why do I keep getting email reminders to complete my course evaluation?
A: Even though you might have already completed an evaluation for one course you are enrolled in, if you continue to receive email reminders, this indicates that you have additional course evaluations to complete in Blue.

Q: Are course evaluations anonymous?
A: Yes, instructors do not have access to individual student names and responses. The responses are reported in aggregate to the instructor, after grades have been submitted and the semester is over.

Q: When are course evaluation reports released to instructors?
A: Course evaluation reports are released to instructors after the grade due date for the term. There is usually a delay after the due date while waiting for all instructors to submit grades. Instructors will receive an email notification with links to the reports once released.

Q: Can instructors see which students have / have not completed the evaluation for a course?
A: No, instructors can only see the overall response rate, not individual student names.

Q: What is the sender name and email address on the evaluation notification emails?
A: University Assessment Office is the sender, from the email address SLU Gmail should not mark these emails as SPAM however if you forward your SLU email address to another personal email account be sure to check your SPAM folder for these email notifications.

Support for Blue

The Provost Office oversees the Blue course evaluation tool.  Please emails questions or issues to for assistance.

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