Impac Software's anatomic pathology system provides an intuitive user interface that streamlines workflow and daily operations for laboratories and offers surgical pathology, dermatopathology, cytology and autopsy services.

PowerPath's versatile case-centric view ensures quick access to requisition data, case history, concurrent cases and billing information.  PowerPath software also includes advanced materials processing, document management, clinical pathology management, immunohistochemistry, enhanced outreach reporting, imaging, Internet reporting and dermatopathology.

PowerPath's open systems integration provides laboratories with a system designed specifically for anatomic pathology while coexisting easily in any HIT environment.  The system works well for a variety of needs, including:

  • Implementations that require integration to a laboratory information system (LIS);
  • Hospital information systems (HIS);
  • Physician's office electronic medical record (EMR);
  • Stand-alone billing systems;
  • Whole slide imaging systems;
  • Slide stainers; and
  • Several other applications and devices.

ITS installs the software on the user's workstation and sets up the user account on the server.  Access depends on the user's position and determines what data they have access to and what they can do with that data.

For more information or to request the software, please contact the SLUCare Service Desk at 314-977-4000 (ext. 4) or slucareservicedesk@slu.edu.