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Learn more about current and past staff of the Saint Louis University Journal of Health Law and Policy and how you can join. 

Joining Staff

Election to the staff of the Journal of Health Law and Policy is based on an application process and review that is conducted by the editorial board and faculty advisers in the spring semester each year.

To be eligible for the editorial staff:

  • Students must have completed two semesters of law school and both semesters of the legal research and writing course.
  • The Journal of Health Law and Policy will hold an orientation meeting each spring to review the application process with students interested in applying.
  • During the first year on the staff, each member is required to write a publishable paper on a health law topic and selected members' papers will be published.

Published Staff Members

Notes notes and comments from staff members have appeared in recent volumes of the Journal.

Volume 11
  • Stefanie G. Brody - “Working Well(ness): The Impact of the ADA Final Rule on Wellness Program Regulation and a Proposal for a Zero Incentive Rule”
  • Jordan A. Butler - “Finding an Unlikely Combatant in the War Against Ransomware: The HIPAA Omnibus Amendments and Off-Site Data Backup”
  • Merlow M. Dunham - “Avoiding Sticker Shock: Legislative Approaches to Protect Consumers from Surprise Medical Bills”
  • Caitlan E. Grombka-Murphy - “Overlapping and Concurrent Surgeries: An Analysis of Informed Consent When There Is Incomplete Risk Information”
Volume 10
  • Molly Anderson - “Evidence-Based Public Health is the Answer to Increasing American Childhood Vaccination Rates, Not Legislative Fortitude”
  • Erin Grant - “Belling the Cat: Implementation of a Prospective Payment System of Reimbursement for Critical Access Hospitals, Its Likely Success, and Political Implications of this Policy”
  • Tyler Klein - “Antitrust Enforcement Against Pharmaceutical Product Hopping: Protecting Consumers or Reaching Too Far?”
  • Elizabeth Tucker - “Adding Insult to Injury: How the ACA’s “Fix” for Nursing Home Compare Staffing Data Misses the Mark”
Volume 9 
  • Maddie Bainer - “Mergers and Monopolies: An Examination of the Cyclical Effect of Anti-Competition and a Lack of Rate Regulation in Health Care”
  • Alex Dansicker - “Paying Docs for End-of-Life Discussions: Can Monetary Incentives Change the Failures Inherent with Physician-Patient Communications?”
  • Tyler Dinkelaker - “A False Sense of Safety: How the Drug Quality and Security Act Fails to Protect Patients from Harm”
  • Matt Westbrook - “Transforming the Physician's Standard of Care in the Context of Whole Genome Sequencing Technologies: Finding Guidance in Best Practice Standards”
Volume 8
  • Mayo Alao - “Thirty-Eight Years and Counting: The FDA’s Misuse of the 510(k) Notification Process and Consequent Under-Regulation of Implantable Medical Devices”
  • Kalle Elizabeth Deyette - “Hitech Act:  Building an Infrastructure for Health Information Organizations and a New Health Care Delivery System”
  • Peter J. Eggers - “Disclosure for Closure? Why the Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol Process Paired with the 60-Day Overpayment Rule Creates More Headaches Than Solutions”
  • Rachel A. Polzin - “Short-Stay, Under Observation, or Inpatient Admission?—How CMS’ Two Midnight Rule Creates More Confusion & Concern”