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Health Law Live: A SLU LAW Summations Podcast Series

Join our health law faculty and SLU LAW Summations podcast host Jessica Ciccone for live recordings covering timely health law topics.

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2022 Series

Professor Michael Sinha: Data Privacy in a Post-Dobbs World

When the United States Supreme Court handed down a decision overturning Roe v. Wade earlier this year, they left us with a host of questions and scenarios to grapple with in the meantime. With the future of our data privacy on the line, we turn to Professor Michael Sinha, M.D., J.D., M.P.H. for a special live recording of the SLU LAW Summations Podcast. 

Professor Mary Crossley: Health Equity and Long Covid

According to President Biden, the COVID-19 pandemic is over. However, there are still millions of Americans that are feeling the lasting effects of their own battle with the virus. As the medical and legal fields struggle to catch up with this ongoing issue, there are concerns that what is known as long COVID will result in additional racial health disparities on top of those that occurred during the pandemic. In this episode we are joined by visiting professor Mary Crossley. Professor Crossley is visiting from Pitt Law where she is a John E. Murray Faculty Scholar and Director of the Health Law program.

· Health Equity and Long Covid: Health Law Live* - Professor Crossley

Professor Rob Gatter: A Model State Law for Public Health Emergency Powers

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has revealed critical ambiguities in state law. For example, while state statutes often empower the executive branch to quarantine or isolate individuals during an emergency, they do not address actions designed to mitigate the effects of a pandemic such as masking or restricting the size of gatherings. Consequently, governors often relied on a general statutory power to take 'necessary' actions in response to COVID's threats. Yet, some courts found this statutory authority was so vauge as to violate the separation of powers, and they set aside vital public health orders. Meanwhile, some state legislatures attempted to terminate emergency declarations by joint resolution, which was unconstitutional according to one state supreme court.

Professor Rob Gatter is the director of the Center for Health Law Studies and is an expert in public law. He is currently helping to better prepare states for the next public health emergency. He is also the Reporter on a project of the Uniform Law Commission to draft a model state law addressing these ambiguities.

· A Model State Law for Public Health Emergency Powers: Health Law Live* - Professor Gatter