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Three Center for Health Law Studies Professors Contribute to Pandemic Policymaking Report

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Professors Elizabeth Pendo, Ruqaiijah Yearby, and Sidney Watson contributed to a report that assesses the legal response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As the nation continues to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Saint Louis University School of Law is proud to announce that our health law professors are among 50 national experts convened to assess the U.S. policy response to the crisis to date. This new report offers policy recommendations on 35 wide-ranging topics, from pandemic preparedness and health care to conducting sound elections and adapting immigration policy. Designed to advise leaders at the federal, state and local level, the report presents a timely examination of policy challenges and opportunities in light of the pandemic.

Elizabeth Pendo

Professor Elizabeth Pendo speaks at the 2019 Health Law Scholars Workshop at Scott Hall.

The report provides critical legal analysis and recommendations, rooted in empirical evidence and expert assessment. Each author discusses how the law has been used, misused or under-used in the response to COVID-19. The report addresses not only legal doctrine, but also matters of implementation, including both strategies and resources for policymakers. As the impact of the pandemic and government responses continue to unfold, the report raises important questions about the efficacy of efforts to contain COVID-19 and to maintain human and civil rights, equity and ethics ‒ while offering innovative and research-driven policy solutions.

Disability rights advocate Professor Elizabeth Pendo authored Protecting the Rights of People with Disabilities.

An expert in Medicaid access, Professor Sidney Watson, director of the Center for Health Law Studies co-authored Medicaid's Vital Role in Addressing Health and Economic Emergencies.

Professor Ruqaiijah Yearby, an expert in public health and racial justice and Co-Founder and Executive Director, Saint Louis University Institute for Healing Justice and Equity, authored Protecting Workers that Provide Essential Services.

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