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Scholarships are the best way to pay for your education, as funds do not need to be repaid. They come from a variety of sources, such as your school or community organizations. 

Keep exploring these options for financing your legal education as opportunities may arise at different times in your educational career. 

Learn more about some available scholarships and eligibility criteria below.

SLU LAW Scholarships

As a law student at SLU, you may be eligible for the following scholarship opportunities that are unique to SLU. For most of these scholarships except where otherwise noted, students are considered by the Office of Admission upon application.

SLU LAW does not offer conditional scholarships as defined by ABA Standard 509(b)(3) and Interpretation 509-3.

Dean's Scholar and Dean Select Scholar Scholarships

Your completed application for admission serves as your application for scholarship. Scholarships are awarded to incoming first-year students based on the merit of their application. Applicants awarded a merit-based scholarship will be notified by the Office of Admission at the time of their acceptance. Scholarships will be renewed each semester as long as the student remains in good academic standing.

Dean's Honor Scholarship

Students ranked in the top 10 percent after completing their first year of law school at Saint Louis University School of Law and who were not awarded a merit-based scholarship upon their admittance to the School of Law are eligible to receive the Dean's Honor Scholarship to recognize their academic success.

The scholarship is only applicable for the fall/spring semesters. Scholarship amounts will vary from year to year based on funding and will be awarded based on the student's enrollment status as of July 1. Students enrolled in 12 or more hours will receive the scholarship for four semesters (2 years), and students enrolled for 11 or fewer hours will receive the scholarship for six semesters (3 years). The Dean's Honor Scholarship will be renewed each semester as long as the student remains in good academic standing. Awards will be determined after first-year rankings are released in June, with notification letters sent out to students in July/August.

1843 Scholars

The School of Law was founded in 1843 when there were fewer than 20 law schools in the nation. To commemorate the significance of that year, the School of Law established the 1843 Scholars Program. This scholarship rewards a small group of students for their outstanding academic achievements. The program awards a limited number of full tuition scholarships to incoming students each year. The 1843 Scholarship covers tuition for three years of full-time study and includes annual increases in tuition. Scholarships will be renewed each semester as long as the student remains in good academic standing.
Each year, outstanding applicants are nominated by faculty and administration in the School of Law. Nominees will notified with their acceptance package.

Endowed Scholarships

There are a variety of individuals who contribute to or enact endowed scholarships. These individuals often include alumni, spouses of alumni, relatives, students and friends of the University and the School. For prospective applicants, your admission application is also your application for endowed scholarships.

These scholarships help make the education of many law students at Saint Louis University School of Law a reality. We truly appreciate the generosity of our donors.

M. R. Green Scholarship
Mary Calnane Endowed Scholarship
Clare & William Reel Memorial Scholarship
Emil A. Strauss Endowed Scholarship
Thomas J. Boland Scholarship
Mark D. Eagleton & Milton I. Goldstein Law Scholarship Fund
John A. Marzall Scholarship
Francis H. Kennedy Memorial Scholarship
Harry L. Bell Endowed Scholarship
Mary Lou Clifford Endowed Scholarship
Law Scholarship Endowment
Law School Endowment for Part-Time Students
Eileen Camillo Cochran Scholarship
William Healy Scholarship Fund
William E. Buckley Endowed Scholarship
Vincent C. Immel Endowed Scholarship II
M., E. & Elmer Scott Endowed Scholarship
Pre-Law Phi Alpha Delta Scholarship
Daniel F. Jr. & Joan B. Sheehan Scholarship
William L. Weiss Endowed Scholarship
Carol A. McKaskel Scholarship
T. Ellis & Alice Barnes Endowed Scholarship
Rosemary Bray Endowed Scholarship
Irene Dulin Endowed Scholarship
Madison County Bar Scholarship
DeGraffenried Scholarship
Kate Gunn Scholarship Fund
J. Norman & Elizabeth McDonough Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Q. Keefe Scholarship
Knaup Family Law School Scholarship
Law Faculty Scholarship
G. Michael Bauer Memorial Scholarship
Theodore McMillian Endowed Scholarship
William E. & Mary Ann May Scholarship
Richard D. Hatton Memorial Scholarship
Bryan, Cave, McPheeters & McRoberts Scholarship
Memorial Law School Scholarship Fund
Fred & Helen Whalen Scholarship
Daphne A. Carter Memorial Scholarship
Vincent C. Immel Endowed Scholarship
Law School Campaign Scholarship
Gaylord Foundation Scholarship
George A. & Martha Jensen Scholarship
Russell A. & Betty A. Grantham Scholarship
Donald Gunn, Jr. Scholarship
Malcolm W. Martin Endowed Scholarship
William G. Marbury Endowed Scholarship
David B. Lichenstein Endowed Scholarship
Rev. James Danis Endowed Scholarship
Irish Student Exchange Scholarship Fund
Mary Calnane Evening End Scholarship
William E. Jaudes Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Law Class of 1968
John F. Gleason Endowed Scholarship
Judge Noah Weinstein Foundation Scholars
Alvin D. Hatten Memorial Scholarship
Donald Hilleary Scholarship
Wayne L. Millsap Endowed Scholarship Fund
John J. Lawless Law School Scholarship
Leonard A. Cervantes Scholarship
Polsinelli, Shalton, Welte & Suelthaus Diversity Scholarship

SLU Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance Fund

This is a need-based fund for SLU students who are expecting a child or currently parenting a child while attending school. Review further eligibility details, deadlines and the application.

Students Helping Students Scholarship

Awards from this source are intended to cover a short-term need that’s not covered by other assistance. Some examples of need may include food, rent, gas or other necessities that may hamper a student from succeeding academically or from meeting his or her basic needs. To be eligible, a student must have taken all offered financial aid, including any loans available. Review further eligibility details, deadlines and the application.

Private Scholarships

Many local, national and international organizations offer assistance to students. Organizations offer
opportunities such as scholarships, grants, internships, fellowships, competitions and loans. Saint Louis University does not control these funds. Use caution when completing private scholarship applications to avoid scams. Keep in mind funding agencies can change their requirements and deadlines.

The below resources are not exhaustive, but a good start for your search:
Future & current student opportunities

AccessLex Law School Scholarship Databank

If you find that some information is incorrect, please contact our assistant director of student financial services and financial education at Good luck with your search!