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Parenting and Pregnant Students

Saint Louis University is committed to supporting pregnant and parenting students. Regardless of the student's situation — married or single, individual or multiple children, alone or with support — SLU is here to help. Students for Life of America has ranked SLU among the top 10 schools for pregnant and parenting students.

Saint Louis University recognizes the private nature of a pregnancy and seeks to provide students with confidential and supportive services. Some students choose to utilize on-campus services, while others prefer to access off-campus resources.

Virginia D. Murphy Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2008 to help SLU's student parents continue their education while raising children.  The fund provides resources to help students stay on track toward earning a degree.

To apply for the Virginia D. Murphy Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance Scholarship at SLU:

  1. Log in to the mySLU portal.
  2. Select Scholarship Suite icon.
  3. Complete the general application questions upon entering the site. (Remember to hit Finish and Submit)
  4. Click "Find the Scholarship" and apply!
    To search for a scholarship hover pointer over "Opportunities" at the top and select "Ours."

Scholarships are available for fall beginning on or around October 1 and for spring semester on or around December 15. Please be sure to monitor your application to ensure completion of required items. You will be notified by email if you were selected as a recipient.

Please note: If you have questions please contact the Scholarship Area at

Frequently Asked Questions

Can pregnant students continue to live in SLU residence halls?

Yes. Pregnant students may continue to live in their residence halls until their babies are born.

Is it possible to make arrangements with professors if it is necessary to miss class?

Yes. Student health and counseling staff can assist with this process in a confidential manner. Professors will not be informed of the pregnancy unless the student chooses to tell them.

What if it is necessary to withdraw from classes?

Some students choose to take a leave of absence for a semester with the intention of returning to the University to resume classes. Other students may choose to withdraw and transfer elsewhere. An academic advisor can help explain the implications of a withdrawal or absence on academic standing. Each academic program has different requirements. A counselor or campus minister can assist students in preparing to talk with their academic advisers.

After a baby is born, can parenting students take him/her with them to class?

No. Classes are intended only for adult students. Therefore, it will be necessary to arrange for child care.

Does health insurance cover a parenting student’s child?

Possibly. Most insurance providers allow the insured person to add a dependent. Please check with your insurance provider for details.

What is Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance?

Our philosophy is "no student should ever have to choose between having a child and receiving an education." The Virginia D. Murphy Endowment was established in 2008 to help SLU's student parents continue their education while raising children. The fund provides resources to help student parents stay on track toward earning a degree. For more information email

Are there designated lactation areas on campus?

Yes. There are designated lactation areas at Busch Student Center, the Student Health Center as well as many other locations.

What off-campus resources exist for pregnant or parenting students?

Birthright St. Louis
There are four locations throughout Saint Louis including the Central West End, Brentwood, Bridgeton and South County. Walk-ins are welcome for pregnancy tests.

Catholic Charities
Through the Good Shepherd Children and Family Services agency, Catholic Charities provides prenatal services to expectant parents. Services include referrals for appropriate medical care and housing, and adoption planning (as needed). Counseling addresses decision making, parenting skills, stabilizing living situations, communication skills within the family, relationships, problem-solving skills, and the legal rights and responsibilities of both parents.

Child Care Aware
Missouri childcare referral database

ExceleRate Illinois
Illinois childcare referral database

Lutheran Family Services
Lutheran Family Services provides services to pregnant women through its Women In Need Growing Stronger program. All services are confidential. If you are interested in services, please call an intake specialist at 314-787-5100 or 1-866-326-LFCS.