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Studio Art Minor (Madrid)

Learn how to see and think like a visual artist. SLU-Madrid offers courses in drawing, design, painting, color theory and sculpture that help students to explore their natural creativity.

Minor in Studio Art

The studio art program provides students with a learning experience that fosters art-making in the context of the liberal arts. Involvement in the studio enhances natural development as an artist as students explore their individual abilities and learn about the world. Connections across disciplines and cultural differences help students to gain a conceptual and intellectual framework for their art. Students leave with a portfolio of work and an appreciation of the development of their own values and creative skills as well as an understanding of processes, expressions and values of others.

Curriculum Overview

In order to earn a minor in studio arts, you’ll have to complete 21 credit hours of art and art history courses. These courses must include:

  •  ART 2000 Drawing I
  • ART 2100 Design
  • ART 2120 Three-Dimensional Design
  • ART 2930-M01 Special Topics - Illustration

Additionally, you’ll be required to take one course in art history and two studio art courses. These courses must be two 2000-level courses outside of the foundational required courses or a 2000-level and a 3000-level course in one medium.

Internships and Careers

A minor in studio art gives students the background needed to work as designers, consultants, professional artists or art educators.


Our faculty members, like their counterparts in St. Louis, are role-models of professional artistic practice and provide a link for students to the exciting art community of Madrid. Faculty exhibit in galleries and museums, share works in progress in the classroom and provide connections to other professional European artists.

Tuition and Fees

SLU-Madrid is committed to providing quality Jesuit education at an affordable price. Tuition rates at the Madrid Campus are approximately 40 percent lower than comparable private universities in the U.S.

If you have questions or would like to speak with a financial aid officer, email us at

Tuition and Fees
Scholarships and Financial Aid


To be admitted to the major, you must have at least a 2.00 cumulative average and complete a declaration of major form, available in the Office of the Registrar. Upon acceptance to the program, you will be assigned a departmental advisor.