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SLU-Madrid Alumni Association

Saint Louis University — Madrid (SLU-Madrid) Alumni Association connects alumni with each other as well as the University.

SLU-Madrid recognizes that it is important to remain in contact with its alumni to develop a network that supports the University's development while providing a forum for past students and graduates to communicate.

Name and Purpose 

  • The name of the organization shall be the SLU-Madrid Alumni Association ("The Association")
  • The purpose of the Association shall be:
    - To maintain and encourage contact among members.
    - To create links between students, graduates, the professions and industry.
    - To foster and encourage interest in SLU-Madrid.
    - To work for the development and strengthening of education at SLU-Madrid.
    - To help create positive Public Relations for SLU-Madrid by keeping track of the achievements of former SLU-Madrid students.
    - To help SLU-Madrid graduates to find their place in the workplace through networking with other members of the Association and professional and industry bodies.
    - To help members of the Association to grow both personally and professionally.
    - To help to raise funds for the SLU-Madrid that could be used for purposes such as: library needs, for scholarships and student amenities.


All past students, present and past staff and faculty members of SLU-Madrid, present and past SLU-Madrid Executive Board members and other such persons as recommended by the SLU-Madrid staff and/or other alumni members and approved by the Association Committee are entitled to be and are deemed to be members of the Association.

As an active member of the SLU-Madrid Alumni Association, members will be encouraged to stay in touch with your Alma Mater by attending SLU-Madrid events, Alumni Association meetings, etc.


No fees shall be charged with relation to members in the Association.

Association Committee

A volunteer Committee will be formed to plan and manage the activities of the Association. This Committee shall meet as needed. The University's staff representatives are ex-officio members of the Committee. The Committee will hold an Annual General Meeting, at which they will elect a President to lead the Committee and the Association’s activities.

  • The President's term will be for 1 year from the date of election; the President is eligible for re-election.
  • The President will be responsible for forming committees to plan and manage all activities.
  • If the President resigns, the Committee shall have the authority to appoint a new President.

Annual General Meeting

  •  An AGM shall be conducted each year.
  • The AGM shall:
    - Elect the President of the Association for the next year.
    - Hear reports on the Association and SLU-Madrid.
    - Conduct such business as is brought to the AGM.
  • Three Committee members and three other members at the AGM shall constitute a quorum.


Finance to operate the Association shall be provided by operate the Association shall be provided by funds raised by the Association, along with resources from SLU-Madrid's operating budget, upon approval.

Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments to this constitution shall require:

  • To constitute a quorum at an AGM or a special meeting.
  • A two-third of present members voting in favor of the proposal at AGM or at a special meeting.
  • Members shall be advised of proposed amendments at least 21 days before the meeting.