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Outreach Services

Mental Health Promotion

The Saint Louis University — Madrid Counseling Center offers services that promote self-regulation tools, coping strategies, and self-care skills in the SLU-Madrid community.

Students sit at desks while a leader discusses a topic.

Workshop about strategies for dealing with negative self-talk.

Our psychoeducational programming is designed to address mental health concerns specific to college students, as well as general topics such as stress, anxiety, and burnout, which can affect anyone.

Workshop Catalog

Culture Shock and Cultural Adaptation

Moving to a different country is not an easy feat. In this workshop, attendees will learn about the stages of the integration process and develop tools to find balance and adapt to their new home.

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

This workshop focuses on wellness and self-care by teaching members of the SLU-Madrid community mindfulness strategies for managing stress and achieving a sense of balance and calm.

A shorter version of this workshop, titled "Mindfulness Tactics", is offered during hectic times of the semester as a space to gather and practice mindfulness techniques to help manage stress and anxiety.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome and Negative Self-Talk

This workshop explores the impostorism phenomenon and how it affects people. Learn practical techniques to reframe negative thinking and have a more supportive, self-compassionate inner voice.

Deep Breathing Techniques

Breathwork is free and always available to us, which is why it is useful to learn to incorporate it into our daily lives. This practical session covers different breathing techniques that can help reduce stress levels.

Study and Organizational Skills

Attendees will get to use different time management and organizational skills to better prepare for their academic responsibilities. 

Managing Stress and Anxiety

A workshop where attendees will learn strategies to manage the physiological, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral effects of stress and anxiety. This includes techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation and cognitive restructuring.

Emotional Intelligence

This workshop focuses on EQ: what it is, how it works, and how it can be helpful. It will include hands-on exercises for practicing emotional self-awareness, emotional self-regulation, motivation, and empathy.

Self-Care and Wellbeing

Our self-care sessions explore its importance, especially in today's climate, the traps that often get in the way of caring for ourselves, and how to incorporate self-care practices into our daily lives.

Meditation 101

What is meditation? What happens psychologically and physiologically when we meditate? What benefits does it bring to our mental health and overall well-being? How is meditation helpful in coping with stress and anxiety? These are all questions that will be covered in this workshop. After discussing the basics, there will be a guided meditation to get started (or reacquainted) with this practice.

Cura Personalis 2: Looking Inward Retreat

"Looking Inward: A Day for Self-reflection and Mental Health" is a transformative day retreat in the Sierra de Guadarrama where students have the opportunity to explore their purpose, values, and passions through a series of self-examination exercises which include both personal and group reflections, guided meditations and yoga. This day-long experience is designed for students to be able to pause and get to know what it is that moves them as people while tending to their minds, bodies, and souls.

Class Visits

Mental Health Outreach

Outreach class visits can be:

  •  Informational sessions about mental health resources available both on and off campus and how to access them. 

  • Class discussions: Many academic fields and subjects can relate to mental health. We can facilitate debates and conversations about such topics in a way that is tailored to the class subject.

  • Workshops: All workshops in the catalog are also available to be offered as class visits on request. 

If you would like to request an outreach class visit, a workshop, or a psychoeducational activity tailored to your class or campus event, please contact us

We are always working on developing new initiatives. If you have suggestions for mental health-related experiences you would like to see on campus, contact Coordinator of Mental Health Outreach and Prevention Carla Aparicio at