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Student-led Clubs and Organizations

SLU-Madrid is home to an abundance of clubs and organizations that cater to a wide variety of interests. Whether sampling delicacies with the gourmet club, distributing meals to people who live on the streets or exploring your spirituality at an interfaith roundtable, there's bound to be something for you.

Interested in chartering your own club or organization? Contact the Office of Student Life at in Padre Rubio Hall and speak to our staff about how to do it.

Airsoft Club

Compete in weekend airsoft competitions at fields around Madrid. Airsoft is a recreational shooting sport in which teams eliminate opponents by firing spherical pellets at one another. Airsoft is often compared with paintball, though the two are different types of competitions with different equipment. Competitions may be among SLU students or include members of the local community.

  • Student leader: Currently seeking student leadership. Email the club advisor if you're interested.
  • Advisor: Cesar Rioja (
Art Club

The Art Club offers students an opportunity to showcase your artistic abilities and learn more about art in Madrid.

Beach Volleyball

The goal of the SLU-Madrid beach volleyball club is to offer the SLU students an opportunity to engage with each other outside of the classroom environment, have fun and develop their volleyball and teamwork skills. The club is open to the SLU students, staff, student partners, and SLU alumni.

Black Students Organization

The Black Students Organization works on both celebrating and educating the SLU community about Black culture, including an understanding of its struggles.


We make bocadillos (sandwiches) and distribute them among homeless people in the city center. But the sandwich is only a pretext; our main goal is to give them the dignity they deserve by sitting with them and listening as we all share our life stories.

Book Club

Why not enjoy one of your favorite pastimes while getting to know your international classmates and learning from their varied opinions? We are looking forward to turning new pages with you.

Campus Ambassadors Club

Campus Ambassadors are true men and women for others. They serve their peers during Welcome Weeks and throughout the semester and collaborate with staff and faculty in receiving important guests and speakers at academic and recruitment events.

Chess Club

Chess is an exercise for the mind. Chess players learn to focus, visualize, strategize, analyze and think abstractly. Not a grandmaster? Not to worry. Don't know how to play? We'll teach you.

Climbing Club

The climbing club organizes indoor and outdoor climbing activities around Madrid. It's a great way to connect with the community through nature and recreational activities while also learning more about rock climbing itself. Anyone is welcome to join, and we hope to see you soon!

Cross Cultural Club (CCC)

The Cross Cultural Club (CCC) offers SLU students a unique opportunity to interact with a variety of cultures represented on campus. This club aims to raise awareness and appreciation for our diverse student body and gives students the opportunity to learn about other cultures and make lifelong friendships. We offer you the chance to participate in exciting activities and give you the freedom to present your ideas and incorporate pieces of your own cultures into this club. We hope to see you all soon!

Economics Club

The objective of the Economics Club is to learn about current economic issues through conversation and debate in a friendly, off-campus setting.

Entrepreneurship Association

This student-led association's purpose and primary activities are the following:

  • To find, discover and organize business ideas and turn them into start-up projects
  • Research how entrepreneurship world functions
  • Brainstorm business ideas
  • Learn how to start a business, seek investors, and promote/market the product
  • Hold conferences with other business-related student clubs and organizations
  • Invite guest speakers and hold discussions and workshops
Environment Friends

An initiative for a better tomorrow. An organization for the true citizens of Earth, who are willing to have a better living and the best place to live in. "It's better to make our planet 'Earth' worth living rather searching for some other in the Cosmos."

Esports Club

Esports club is a weekly competitive program that helps students connect through video games. It doesn't matter if you have never played video games before. Here we play to have fun!

Global Thought Club

Formerly known as the International Relations Society. Learn about international politics, share your views and discover how you can make a difference.

  • Student leader: Currently seeking student leadership. Email the club advisor if you're interested.
  • Advisor: Simona Rentea (
Gourmet Club

The Gourmet Club connects people around a common interest of fine cooking, and discovering and trying new flavors. We meet to cook and try fine dishes from around the world.

Honors Club

Honors students get together for lectures, movies, volunteer opportunities and leisure activities. Join us and see if you would like to become part of the SLU-Madrid Honors program.

  • Student leader: Currently seeking student leadership. Email the club advisor if you're interested.
  • Advisor: Dr. Anne Dewey (
Human Rights Club

The Human Rights Club brings together students and faculty interested in the history, theory and practice of human rights. Every semester, we organize a series of activities, including documentary screenings, discussions, debates and volunteer opportunities.

Le Club Français
Literature Club

Read, share opinions, discuss and knowledge of classical and modern literature.

Model UN

Share your ideas on current events and diplomacy as you participate in Model UN events throughout Europe.

Philosophy Club

To expand our knowledge and make new friends. Get together to read and discuss philosophical texts.

  • Student leader: Currently seeking student leadership. Email the club advisor if you're interested.
  • Advisor: Bernhard Obsieger (
Pre-Health Club

Learn about important health issues, and help raise awareness and funds for health-related research.

Pride Club

The Pride Club is a space to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community at SLU-Madrid through various events and activities designed to promote pride, education and support for the queer community on campus and beyond. All students are invited to learn, grow and support the community in a safe, welcoming environment space. 

Running Club
  • Student leader: Currently seeking student leadership. Email the club advisor if you're interested.
  • Advisor: César Rioja (
Scholars of Global Crises Society

The club aims to expand the conversation regarding key international issues through providing a space that provides a safe space and the right tools to learn further such subjects.

Sierra Club

Madrid isn't really a concrete jungle. Explore the greener (and lesser known) side of the province through the Sierra Club.

Ski Club

The Ski Club offers you the opportunity to continue practicing your favorite sport. And if you've never tried it, this is your big chance. The club takes a trip each semester.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) works to improve the overall college experience for all students at the Madrid campus of Saint Louis University. We listen to students and represent them.

If you want to express your ideas or communicate your concerns, contact us at or fill out our suggestion form.

Our Mission

We, the associated students of Saint Louis University — Madrid Campus, in order to establish a representative student government, to provide an open forum for dialogue and a voice for student opinions concerning the affairs of the Madrid campus; to involve students in a productive partnership of shared governance with the faculty, staff and administration of the University; to promote the welfare and unity of the greater student community; and to uphold the ideals and values of the Jesuit Catholic tradition, especially the ideal of men and women for others.

Download the SGA Constitution

Organizational Structure

SGA's leadership is comprised of:

  • president
  • vice president
  • communication officer
  • events manager
  • treasurer

Students select these representatives through a campus-wide election that takes place in the spring semester of each academic year.

Veteran's Club

This club is for veterans to meet and organize activities to talk about problems, help each other, build a community and help those students who are considering a career in the military.

Vintage and Art Cinema Group

Join this student-led group to view and discuss vintage, cult and art house films. Cinema is an important cultural medium. Older and lesser known films will help us all learn and enhance a broader cultural understanding.

Writer's Club

Writer's Club aims to reorganize and produce the campus magazine, including expanding its online presence and restructuring the written publication.