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SLU-Madrid Faculty Garner Recognition for Research and Projects

by Isaiah Voss


During the 2022-23 academic year, several esteemed Saint Louis University — Madrid Campus faculty members received funding for their exceptional research and groundbreaking projects. Their contributions span a wide range of fields, from business and leadership to political science and the arts.

Two facult members pose next to a presentation screen reading "Firm Financial Performance: Disentangling the Female Leadership as Driver of ESG Innovations"

Paolo Saona, Ph.D., left, and Lauro Muro, Ph.D., receive the EURAM award. Submitted photo.

Paolo Saona, Ph.D., and Laura Muro, Ph.D. (Business), distinguished scholars in business and management, won a prestigious research grant from the European Academy of Management (EURAM). The project, titled "Female Leadership and ESG Initiatives as Drivers of Firm Performance in EU Countries," explores the impact of gender diversity and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives on the success of businesses across Europe. EURAM presented the grant to the duo at the organization's 2023 conference at Trinity College in Dublin.

"We received the award during the conference where Paolo Saona and I presented two research projects in which we work together," Muro said.

In another remarkable achievement, Gonzalo Moreno, Ph.D. (Marketing), a respected faculty member at SLU-Madrid, received the Avis E. Meyer Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award. This honor is part of the esteemed Leadership and Service Awards offered by Saint Louis University. Moreno humbly shared his gratitude.

"I feel deeply honored, I must say, as a starter, because I first received the news on the award without even knowing that I had been nominated," Moreno said. "Thus, beyond the University's recognition, I feel support and peer recognition."

Political science scholar Laura Tedesco, Ph.D., won a grant from the National Endowment for Democracy. Her distinguished project, co-founded with Rut Diamint, Ph.D., titled "Diálogos sobre Cuba," has created a valuable platform for discussions on democratic values in Cuba, as well as Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela. This noteworthy accomplishment further solidifies Tedesco's dedication to promoting democratic principles and fostering regional dialogue.

Ryan Day, Ph.D. (English), received the Core Curricular Innovation Fellowship. This fellowship will facilitate the development of his upcoming collaborative inquiry course titled "New Mythologies for the Future of Food: from Microbiomes to AI." 

"The fellowship will assist me in the development of a new collaborative inquiry course which will hopefully be taught sometime in 2024," Day said.

Lastly, SLU-Madrid honored Fabiola Martínez, Ph.D. (Art History), a renowned art history researcher, with the Summer Research Award. Her research residency at the Giacometti Foundation in Paris will focus on Rufino Tamayo, a significant Mexican artist whose work gained prominence through important exhibitions in Paris during the 1950s. Martínez aims to delve into Tamayo's life and art while contributing to a broader project on the Mexican muralist movement during that era. 

"This research is important for an article I'm planning to write on the life and work of Tamayo and a larger project I'm working on regarding the Mexican muralist movement in the 1950s," she said.

In addition to these accomplished individuals, Carolina Aznar, Ph.D. (Theology), and Anya Hillery, Ph.D. (Health Sciences) earned the prestigious Beaumont Fellowship. This program recognizes their outstanding contributions to the arts, humanities, and social sciences, encouraging them to continue their research projects and prepare for external funding applications.

The SLU-Madrid community extends its heartfelt congratulations to these distinguished professors for their remarkable achievements. Their dedication to scholarly pursuits and impactful projects continues to enrich the academic landscape and inspire students and faculty.