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Libraries in Madrid

Madrid has a great variety of libraries, the majority of which are open to the public, providing a rich resource for investigative purposes for students and other academic researchers while studying at SLU-Madrid.

When visiting these libraries, it is advisable to carry your SLU ID and official identification (such as your passport, residence card or Spanish national ID). Such identification might be necessary if you plan to apply for a library card where this option is available.

Public libraries provide most of their resources in Spanish. However, the National Library, academic, governmental, museum and other specialized libraries offer many materials in other languages, including English. Loan privileges are available at public libraries. Some other libraries may require a letter of presentation to access their collections. To obtain this letter, contact the library office at

The hours of the libraries can be found on their websites; however, keep in mind that some libraries may close during evenings and on weekends, keep reduced hours during the summer or close during the month of August. In addition, most university libraries may limit access to their facilities during midterm and final exam periods, usually February and June.

Public Libraries

Madrid's Regional Public Libraries

Branches closest to campus:

  • Central (Main library)
    Calle Felipe el Hermoso, 4
    P: (+34) 91 445 97 82
    Metro stations: Iglesia, Quevedo, Alonso Cano
  • Acuña
    Calle Felipe el Hermoso, 4
    P: (+34) 91 541 36 19
    Metro stations: Iglesia, Quevedo, Alonso Cano
  • Retiro
    Calle Quintana, 9
    P: (+34) 91 501 91 46
    Metro station: Argüelles
  • Ruiz Egea
    Calle Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, 6
    P: (+34) 91 534 90 29
    Metro station: Cuatro Caminos
  • Manuel Alvar
    Calle Azcona, 42
    P: (+34) 91 726 37 01
    Metro station: Diego de León
  • Pedro Salinas (Centro)
    Glorieta Puerta de Toledo, 1
    P: (+34) 91 366 54 07
    Metro station: Puerta de Toledo

Madrid's Public Libraries

Branches closest to campus:

  • Iván de Bargas
    Calle San Justo, 2
    P: (+34) 91 758 62 11
    Metro stations: Sol, Latina, Ópera
  • Aluche
    Calle Camarena, 10
    P: (+34) 91 719 89 96
    Metro stations: Aluche, Laguna
  • Dámaso Alonso
    Calle Manuel Ferrero, 1
    P: (+34) 91 350 31 50
    Metro stations: Plaza Castilla, Chamartín, Duque de Pastrana
  • Islas Filipinas
    Calle Nuestra Señora del Villar, 6
    P: (+34) 91 403 63 22
    Metro station: La Elipa
  • Conde Duque
    Calle Conde Duque, 9-11
    P: (+34) 91 588 59 10
    Metro stations: Ventura Rodríguez, San Bernardo, Noviciado, Plaza de España
  • Vázquez Montalbán
    Calle Francos Rodríguez, 67
    P: (+34) 91 398 07 23
    Metro station: Francos Rodríguez
  • Chamartín
    Calle Mantuano, 51
    P: (+34) 91 510 37 56
    Metro stations: Concha Espina, Prosperidad