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Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare – The Business, The Law, and The Ethics

Save the Date 2020

At our 2019 Artificial Intelligence conference, “The Perils and Promises of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Business,” Jeff Bishop talked about the fact that looking into someone’s eyes and looking at their eyes with a clinical gaze is a very subtle internal shift that has importance when we try to understand artificial intelligence role in healthcare.  A multifaceted and robust ethics emerges when paired with Komla Ahlijah’s assertion that machine learning can have real and positive impact on the way social determinants determine health.  Add Melanie Mitchell’s question, “What are these machines really learning?”, and we start to achieve an outcome: an ethics that follows the complex contours of this contemporary phenomenon. 

The Bander Center has a commitment to ethics and recognizes that establishing spaces for people to come together to develop ways of thinking about these issues is necessary.  Ideas like these, and their interaction with each other, don’t just show up in your inbox, and certainly can’t be communicated in a Tweet. They are created, shared and discussed in real time, in person, at the Bander Center. 

Please save the date and be a part of our next conference centering on artificial intelligence and healthcare – the business, the law, and the ethics: November 6, 2020. #banderAI2020

Sincerely yours,
Jason D. Keune, M.D., MBA, FACS
Executive Director, The Bander Center, Saint Louis University School of Medicine