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Replacing Stigma with Understanding

April 12

Memory Care Home Solutions in partnership with Saint Louis University and the Gateway Geriatric Education Center will be offering a CEU-accredited training course and seminar for health professionals and care partners.

Join us at THE HEIGHTS Community Center for a full-day in-person continuing education event to explore the landscape of dementia care as it evolves with the pioneering of new pharmacological treatments and federal approval of the new GUIDE care model.  

The workshop will give learners an in-depth analysis of current and upcoming treatments and highlight the interdisciplinary approach needed for comprehensive dementia care. Attendees will learn from expert speakers in the fields of neurology, pharmacy, occupational therapy and social work, as well as the true experts in dementia care — people living with the disease themselves and their care partners.

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2024 Summer Geriatric Institute Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Practitioner Training

June 6-8

Saint Louis University will host another summit on addressing loneliness and social isolation in older adults. Professionals, academics, students, caregivers and community volunteers will be part of this unique event. Speakers worldwide will discuss different topics and interventions to help curb this trend in older adults.

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2nd SLU Caregiver Webinar: Caring for a Loved One Who Hoards

The 2024 caregiver webinar will be held March 22, 2024 with a focus on caring for a loved one who hoards. The four-hour conference will include a national speaker and St. Louis-area panelists who will address assessment, interventions, and strategies to address hoarding as a caregiver. 

With the rise of hoarding cases both during and after the pandemic, caregivers and family members often struggle to address these issues with their loved ones. Additionally, several treatment and cleanout approaches have been unsuccessful in helping alleviate clutter in homes and residencies. This year's conference will offer strategies and tips to professionals, community workers, caregivers, and volunteer staff to help older adults with hoarding challenges. 

8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Friday, March 22, 2024 • Zoom from St. Louis

All SLU Faculty, Students, and Staff: Free • Non-SLU Attendees: $75

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