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Internal Medicine Residency Program

The Internal Medicine Residency Training Program at Saint Louis University strives to train internists of the highest caliber in a collegial and collaborative environment.

Our Mission

The philosophy of our program is based on two fundamental tenets – that the patient is center to our daily work and that we do our tasks as a team. This philosophy is based on the notion of service that is embedded in our Jesuit tradition but it is also based on the fact that adults learn by experience.

By having a rich and diverse set of patient experiences, you have the opportunity to provide excellent care. With this rich diversity, our residents have ample substrate to learn all facets of medicine. And, because of our rich patient care environment, there are many opportunities to pursue patient-centered scholarship, such as a vignette, quality or safety project, or original research.

We embrace the notion that medicine is a team sport and that having an incredibly diverse set of residents who commit to working together in a fun environment offers the best training medium for internal medicine.

We are committed to providing an excellent experience for residents and strive to provide the best opportunities for you to meet your career goals. Your hard work in residency will be matched by our effort to make your ambitions and dreams a reality.

Program Highlights

Our mission is to provide the best possible environment to develop your professional career.

Support for Unique Experiences

If you put in the effort to develop scholarship or unique educational experiences, it is our role to support its dissemination.

If your scholarly work is accepted at a meeting, we will get you there. Last year our residents went to a number of regional and national conferences paid for by the program and department.

The Program for Away Rotations (PAR) provides funding for international travel as well as salary and benefit support so you can have a unique experience participating in health care in a completely different environment. This can also be used for unique experiences within the U.S.

Since its inception, residents have gone to India (twice), Belize, Puerto Rico, and to Waco, Texas. 

Innovative Medical Care and Medical Education

  • Block scheduling, alternating inpatient and non-inpatient duties every four weeks for upper-level residents.
  • An Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) unit. The resident team works under the supervision of one of our esteemed geriatricians, providing team-based care in collaboration with nursing, physical/occupational therapy, and social work in a unit specifically designed for the care of the elderly.
  • A team-based continuity clinic.

Work Side-by-Side With Excellent Faculty

Our program provides the ability to work, and learn, side by side with our outstanding faculty. The Department of Internal Medicine has numerous world-renowned faculty in all fields of medicine who are not only leaders in their field but still are active clinically. You have the opportunity to develop lasting and meaningful relationships with faculty to foster mentoring and scholarship.

Outstanding Benefits

Congruent with our belief that when you are a resident, having unnecessary distractions are a detriment to your career development and education, SLU offers perhaps the best benefits package of any residency in the Midwest.

Explore SLU’s Resident Benefits

Program Tracks

We offer two separate program tracks. It is our culture and firm belief that all residents in our program – preliminary or categorical – are part of the team and are treated as equals within our program.

Categorical Internal Medicine (ERAS #: 1365140C0)

We offer an Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)-accredited 26 spots yearly for residents who want the full extent of internal medicine training over three years. Completed residents go on to subspecialty training or careers in academic or private hospital-based medicine or primary care. Ideal candidates are expected graduates of allopathic U.S. medical schools, although we do consider truly exceptional osteopathic or international graduates.

Preliminary Internal Medicine (ERAS #: 1365140P0)

We offer four slots yearly for candidates who need a year of training prior to entering another specialty. Ideal candidates are expected graduates of allopathic U.S. medical schools, although we do consider truly exceptional osteopathic or international graduates.

Application Process

We accept applications via the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) only.

Attributes on which focus include:

  • Unique experiences and activities that make the candidate well-rounded.
  • Contributions to the service of others.
  • Competence during medical school, as in completing the USMLE steps without failures and school grades particularly during the clerkship years.
  • Academic output.
  • Letters of recommendation.
  • Experience and familiarity with the U.S. health care system.

We do have minimum standards for clerkship grades and USMLE scores but are willing to look at unique circumstances that may make a candidate an outstanding resident despite of  aberrant poor performance during medical school.

Internal medical graduates must have a minimum of six months of U.S. clinical hands on experience (observerships do not count). Graduation from medical school should not be more than five years from the date of the ERAS application.

ECFMG certification must be completed by Match.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer couples match?

Absolutely. We also are very supportive of new additions to the family.

Do you sponsor visas?

Yes, we offer J-1 visas and will consider an H-1 visa in uniquely qualified individuals

If I only have COMLEX scores and no USMLE scores, will I be considered?

Yes, but bear in mind that the scores from both exams are hard to compare. All things being equal, a candidate with COMLEX and USMLE scores will have more consideration than COMLEX scores alone