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Office of Curricular Affairs

The Office of Curricular Affairs oversees the day-to-day operations of the M.D. program of the Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

Our office provides executive oversight of the entire SLU M.D. program. This includes the creation of schedules, selecting course directors and faculty to teach, monitoring integration and outcomes of the curriculum, administering assessments, and providing support to the committees that oversee and guide the curriculum. Our office also maintains the academic policies for the M.D. program.

The Office of Curricular Affairs coordinates accreditation site visits from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, and compiles relevant data and documentation related to the maintenance of accreditation.

Distinctive Aspects of Our Curriculum

A Focus on Active Learning
We learn best by doing, so our pre-clerkship curriculum emphasizes active learning. Our approach is to give students resources, time, and space for independent study, and then to bring students in for active learning where they acquire knowledge through applying concepts collaboratively. We mostly use Peer Instruction (PI), Team-based Learning (TBL) and simulation.
Health System Science Interwoven Throughout
Engaging with patients, the health care system and society is essential to being a good doctor. Throughout our curriculum, students learn about these issues in a way that develops socially minded and patient-centered physicians who will serve their patients well and be leaders in the American health care system.
Laying the Foundation Well
A solid grounding in the basic sciences of medicine is essential. Anatomy, physiology, histology, and embryology form the building blocks that doctors use to reason and think. Our curriculum starts with a robust semester-long course, Normal Structure and Function, which lays the foundation for building high-level clinical reasoning.
A Patient-centered Clinical Experience
Serving patients is at the heart of what we do, and it informs our curriculum. Students experience a wide breadth of patient-centered learning experiences, helping them become the patient-centered physicians we need to serve our city, state and country.
Dedicated Support for All Those Exams

We have dedicated courses and support designed to help students perform well on the licensing exams that every student must take to become a doctor. The nature of our curriculum and the support we provide have helped our students maintain a pass rate above the national average.

Experiences That Help You Choose a Career Path

Our curriculum has various electives and experiences built in that help students explore career options and discern a career path from the first year through the fourth year.

Faculty and Staff

Curriculum Deans
Headshot of Chad Miller
Chad S. Miller, M.D., FACP, SFHM

Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education
Caroline 110, Office #112

Headshot of Johan Bester
Johan Bester, Ph.D., M.B.Ch.B., M.Phil., HEC-C
Associate Dean of Pre-clerkship Curriculum
Caroline 110, Office #114

Headshot of James Duffy

James F. Duffy, S.J., M.D.
Associate Dean of Clinical Curriculum
Caroline 110, Office #110C

Headshot of Katherine Matthews

Katherine Mathews, M.D., M.P.H., MBA
Associate Dean of Health Systems Science
Caroline 110, Office #113

Headshot of Neal Weber

Neal Weber, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Program Evaluation and Assessment
Caroline 110, Office #110D

Headshot of Lynda Morrison

Lynda Morrison, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Pre-Clerkship Curriculum
DRC and Caroline 110  

Curriculum Staff
Headshot of Denise Parker

Denise Parker
Business Manager
Caroline 110

Headshot of Linda Gwinn

Linda A. Gwinn
Director of Curricular Management
LRC 114

Headshot of Zak Mussig

Zak Mussig
Director of Instructional Design and Assessment
Caroline 110, Office #110B

Headshot of Avery Levinger
Avery Levinger
Pre-clerkship Coordinator
Caroline 110

Headshot of Monisha Hall

Monisha Hall
Pre-clerkship Coordinator
Caroline 110

Headshot of Luz Carriedo

Luz Carriedo
Year 3 and Learning Communities Coordinator
Caroline 110

Headshot of Chris Meyer

Chris Meyer
Year 4 Coordinator
Caroline 110

Headshot of Nanette Parris

Nanette Parris
Facilities Coordinator
LRC 114

Headshot of Austin Beachum

Austin Beachum
Tableau Writer
Caroline 110

Clinical Skills and Simulation
Headshot of Tina Chen

Tina Chen, M.D.
Associate Dean of Simulation and Clinical Skills

Headshot of Timothy Havens

Tim Havens, M.D.
Assistant Dean, Clinical Skills Center

Headshot of Denise Townsend

Denise Townsend
Director of Clinical Skills Center

Headshot of Wesley Burch

Wesley Burch
Education Specialist, Simulation Center
LRC Lower Level

A placeholder image of the SLU logo
Patrick Kerwin
Standardized Patient Coordinator
Clinical Skills Center
Education Union, Second Floor

Placeholder of the SLU logo
Adela Husic
Coordinator, Clinical Skills Center and Simulation Lab
Education Union, Second Floor