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Department of Neurology

Through nearly a century of exemplary experience, the Department of Neurology at Saint Louis University has demonstrated a commitment to providing exceptional care to patients. We pride in having a team of dedicated and highly specialized Neurologists who can precisely assess and manage all diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. Our department has also been recognized as a Level 1 Time Critical Diagnosis center for Stroke.

Our Mission

The Department of Neurology aims to:

  • Provide the best neurological care to patients and their families.
  • Research and discover new treatments for nervous system disorders.
  • Train the next generation of neurologists and educate patients and their families

Vision Statement

All members of the Saint Louis University Department of Neurology will collaborate to support state-of-the-art neurological education, compassionate patient care and a growing research enterprise. The department will develop the most exciting intellectual environment for investigation, treatment and training in neurology. We will fulfill this vision in an environment of mutual respect and collaboration.

Our primary inpatient service site for Adult Neurology is at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, and Pediatric Neurology is located at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital and Medical Center. We are excited to announce that we have moved to a brand new, state-of-the-building in September 2020. This has been a $550 million venture and we look forward to what lies ahead.

The SLU Neurology Department specializes in the following:

  1. Stroke and Endovascular team: For rapid management of the Ischemic strokes with chemical and mechanical clot removal, endovascular treatment of brain aneurysms, vessel stenosis, arteriovenous malformations, etc.
  2. Multidisciplinary ALS clinic: One of the largest in Missouri, also a site for several clinical trials for ALS.
  3. Epilepsy department: Our skilled Epileptologists are trained in care of complex refractory Epilepsy patients, evaluation of patients for Epilepsy surgeries. We possess 4 Epilepsy Monitoring Units (EMUs) and many portable video EEG machines for long term monitoring.
  4. State-of-the-art Neurophysiology lab: Our nationally renowned Neuromuscular specialists who have been with our institution from a long time, have a bustling practice caring for patients afflicted with nerve and muscle disorders. They perform and interpret NCS (Nerve conduction study) and EMG (Electromyography).
  5. Inpatient General Neurology team: Our residents and Attendings manage a busy inpatient service with a high turnover. We admit patients with a diverse range of Neurological conditions from Missouri as well as Illinois.
  6. Comprehensive outpatient Neurology clinics: We have separate specialized clinics for: Headaches, Epilepsy, Neuromuscular disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, various Movement disorders including Parkinson’s, Dementia clinic, Non epileptic seizure clinic.
  7. Movement disorders specialists: Apart from running a busy clinic for movement disorders and degenerative conditions, our specialists also perform Botox injection for dystonia. They work with our Neurosurgeons for placement and programming of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) electrodes for treatment of medically refractory Parkinson disease, Essential tremor or several other movement disorders.
  8. Sophisticated Neurocritical Care Unit: With up to 15 NICU active beds, equipped with advance monitoring systems for acutely sick patients with brain hemorrhages, infections, uncontrolled seizures to name a few.

We also have an active presence at the VA Saint Louis Health Care System - John Cochran Division, which has Neurology faculties with primary appointments within our department. Our Neuromuscular and Neurointervention specialists also provide services at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital and Medical Center for diagnosis and treatment of children with acquired or congenital neuromuscular or cerebrovascular disorders.

Letter from the Chairman

I would like to take a moment to welcome you to the Department of Neurology at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. I am certain you will find this information both helpful and informative.

Saint Louis University School of Medicine has a long history of excellence in teaching, research and patient care. Saint Louis University established the first medical school west of the Mississippi River in 1836.In 1929, Mother Marie Kernaghan became the first woman to graduate from Saint Louis University with a Ph.D. Her degree was in physics. In 1932, the University opened the Firmin Desloge Memorial Hospital, later named Saint Louis University Hospital. Dr. Gilbert Chaddock was the first neurologist of record at Saint Louis University. He was the main consulting neurologist in the 1930’s.

Our institution is rooted in tradition while looking forward to growing in new and exciting ways. Saint Louis University Hospital’s partnership with SSM (Sisters of St. Mary) has helped to create more diversity in patient care and in teaching experiences for our students and residents and has us excited about the construction of the new SSM Health St. Louis University Hospital, due to be finished in the fall of 2020. We are also extremely excited to continue our partnerships with Saint Louis John Cochran VA Medical Center and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital.

As a graduate of Saint Louis University School of Medicine in 1997 and completing a fellowship in Child Neurology at Saint Louis University in 2007, I know first-hand of the amazing faculty, students, residents and staff we have in the Department of Neurology. Our department is dedicated to our patients, students, and residents. We strive to provide the best care possible for our patients while committing to teaching our students and residents so they will become experts in the field of neurology. We have extensive research ongoing in most subspecialty fields of neurology. Our graduates have been consistently successful in procuring competitive subspecialty fellowship positions, academic appointments at noteworthy institutions throughout the country and job offers for many private practice positions. Without question, we will have you prepared for the next phase of your career. We are excited to hear from you!

Sean Goretzke, M.D.

Sean Goretzke, M.D.

Sean Goretzke, M.D.
Associate Professor and Interim Chairman, Department of Neurology Director,
Division of Child Neurology