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Headshot of 2023 Graduates
Congratulations to our Class of 2023 Graduates

2023-2024 Neurology Residents and Fellows

Headshot of Eric Elizondo

Eric Elizondo, M.D.
Hometown: San Diego
Undergraduate: Saint Louis University
Medical school: Saint Louis University
Sub-specialty interests: Comprehensive neurology or neurophysiology
Hobbies: Helping lead a non-profit called Little House of Neurodiversity, Dungeons and Dragons, writing a TTRPG, kayaking, camping, and playing pool, and spending time with my wife.

Headshot of Benjamin Kiaei

Benjamin Kiaei, M.D.
Hometown: Los Angeles
Medical school: Saint Louis University
Subspecialty interest: Neuroimmunology, stroke
Research interest: TBD
Hobbies: Woodworking, mountain biking

Headshot of Shawn Kurian
Shawn Kurian, D.O.

Hometown: Glenview, Illinois
Undergraduate: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Medical school: Kansas City University
Subspecialty interest: Neurocritical care, neurophysiology, epilepsy, stroke
Research interest: TBD
Hobbies: Basketball, pickleball, reading, movies

Headshot of Lina Okar

Lina Okar, M.D.
Hometown: Damascus, Syria
Medical school: Faculty of Medicine – Damascus University
Subspecialty interest: Movement disorders and neuroimmunology 
Research interest: Movement disorders especially DBS, Music therapy
Hobbies: Rafting, kayaking, Pilates and painting. Also, a big fan of the cinema!

Headshot of Laura Polhemus

Laura Polhemus, M.D.
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Medical school: Saint George’s University
Subspecialty interest:Vascular and interventional neurology
Research interest: Diagnosis and management of ischemic stroke
Hobbies: Powerlifting, running, hiking, and spending time with my husband and my dog.

Headshot of Anagha Prabhune

Anagha Prabhune, M.D.
Hometown: India
Undergraduate: Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India
Medical school: MIMER Medical College, India
Sub-specialty interests: Movement disorders, epilepsy, neuroimmunology, headache,
Hobbies: Painting, gardening

Headshot of Adam Awad

Adam Awad, M.D.
Hometown: Frankfort, Illinois 
Medical school: Ross University School of Medicine 
Subspeciality interest: Vascular, endovascular, neuro-interventional
Research interest: Stroke treatment, stroke recovery, neuroplasticity
Hobbies: Basketball, fishing, biking, video games.

Headshot of Bursa Erkilinc

Busra Erkilinc, M.D.
Hometown: Istanbul
Medical school: Abant University School of Medicine
Subspeciality interest: Neurophysiology, Epilepsy
Research interest: Neuromuscular, Epilepsy, Neuro Vascular
Hobbies: Early morning walks, cooking

Headshot of Gabriela Da Silva
Gabriela Mata, M.D.
Hometown: Valencia, Venezuela
Medical school: Universidad de Carabobo
Sub-specialty Interests: Interventional Neurology
Research Interests: Sleep, neuropathology, neuro-ophthalmology, cognitive neurology and neuro-oncology
Hobbies: Painting, stargazing with my telescope, reading about astrophysics and evolution, and watching all the Oscar nominated movies. Currently, a lot of my time is dedicated to wedding planning!

Headshot of Peyton

Peyton Murin, M.D.
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Medical Sshool: University of Tennessee
Subspeciality interest: Interventional pain, neuromuscular
Research interest: Chronic pain and neuromuscular disorders, acute pain
Hobbies: Soccer, weightlifting, exploring new restaurants

Headshot of Osma Shahid

Osama Shahid, M.D. 
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Medical school: C.M.H. Lahore Medical College
Subspecialty interest: Vascular neurology, interventional neurology
Research interest: Acute stroke and interventional therapies. 
Hobbies: Hiking, traveling, music, rafting

Headshot of Hanan Qaqish
Hanan Qaqish, M.D.
Hometown: Akron, Ohio
Medical school: University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences
Subspeciality interest: Vascular and interventional neurology, neuro-critical care, Alzheimer's, neuro-immunology
Research interest: Brain aneurysm, stroke, biomedically engineered approaches to stroke prevention, post-stroke care and recovery
Hobbies: Running, hiking, cooking, exploring, basketball, biking and learning new languages

Headshot of Divya Singh

Divya Singh, M.D.
Hometown: Ranchi, India
Medical school: Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences, India
Subspecialty interests: Electrophysiology, epilepsy, neuroimmunology, neuro-oncology
Hobbies: Dance, music, little bit of painting and gardening, meditation, spirituality

Headshot of Joshua So

Joshua So, M.D.
Hometown: San Diego
Medical school: Saint Louis University
Subspecialty interests: Thinking about possibly sub-specializing in epilepsy or headaches, but definitely keeping an open mind.
Hobbies: digital art, piano and guitar

Headshot of Aysha Abeer

Aysha Abeer, M.D.
Hometown: Toronto 
Medical school: Ross University School of Medicine
Subspeciality: Neuro critical care
Research interest: Traumatic brain injury, anoxic brain injury
Hobbies: Travelling, accompanying my husband on fishing trips, trying out different outdoor activities and experiencing cuisines from different cultures. 

Syed Ijlal Ahmed

Syed Ijlal Ahmed, M.D.
Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan
Medical school: Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College
Subspecialty interests: Vascular neurology, interventional neurology, neurocritical care and epilepsy
Research interests: Vascular neurology, interventional neurology, epilepsy, general neurology
Hobbies: Cricket, soccer, cooking, bicycling, community services, video games and tourism

Awais Arshid

Muhammad Awais Arshid, M.D.
Hometown: Abbottabad, Pakistan
Medical school: Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan
Subspecialty Interest: Neurocritical care, vascular neurology, epilepsy
Research interest: Neuroplasticity, vascular neurology, prevention, and new management strategies of neurological illnesses
Hobbies: Soccer, writing, traveling, running, music, chess

Mehdi Fanai, M.D.

Mehdi Fanai, M.D.
Hometown: Khoy, West Azerbaijan
Medical school: Urmiah University of Medical Sciences
Subspecialty interests: Comprehensive Neurology
Research interests: Neuro-informatics, diagnostic errors
Hobbies: Badminton, swimming, electronics

Elvin Mirzazada, MD

Elvin Mirzazada, M.D.
Wellness Chief
Hometown: Baku, Azerbaijan
Medical school: Ege University, Izmir, Turkey
Subspecialty interests: Neurohospitalist
Hobbies: Traveling, cooking and hiking 

Headshot of Karthik Narayanan
Karthik Narayanan, M.D.
Hometown: Pittsburgh
Medical school: New York Medical College
Subspeciality interest: Vascular/Interventional neurology
Hobbies: Miami Hurricanes football and basketball, tennis, personal fitness, New England Patriots and Boston Celtics.

Richa Budhiraja, M.D.

Richa Budhiraja, M.D.
Hometown: Haryana/Punjab, India
Medical school: Pt. B.D.S. Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences
Subspecialty or research interests: Vascular neurology, neurocritical care
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching documentaries, self-reflection

Ulviyya Gasimova, M.D., PhD.

Ulviyya Gasimova, M.D., Ph.D.
Academic/Administrative chief
Hometown: Baku, Azerbaijan
Medical school: Azerbaijan Medical University
Subspecialty interest:  Movement disorders, stroke
Research interest: Stroke, movement disorders, neuroimmunology 
Hobbies: Hiking, fishing, traveling, archery, petting dogs

Beatriz Maliszewski, M.D.

Beatriz Maliszewski, M.D.
Clinical chief
Hometown: Atlanta
Undergraduate: University of Georgia
Medical school: St. George's University School of Medicine
Subspecialty interests: Movement disorders (particularly Parkinson's), neuromuscular, sleep medicine
Research interests: Atypical parkinsonism, dystonia, Tourette's in adults
Hobbies: Sailing, cooking and walking with no destination in mind

Farid Khasiyev, M.D.

Farid Khasiyev, M.D.
Hometown: Baku, Azerbaijan
Medical school: Azerbaijan Medical University
Subspecialty interests: Vascular neurology
Research interests: Stroke mechanisms, large artery disease, acute ischemic stroke treatment
Hobbies: Chess, soccer, reading books about history of neurology and medicine, trying new restaurants

Francesca Pastrana, M.D.

Francesca Pastrana, M.D.
Hometown: O’Fallon, Missouri
Undergraduate: University of Missouri-Kansas City
Medical school: University of Missouri-Kansas City
Subspecialty or research interests: Non-interventional vascular neurology, clinical neurophysiology, epilepsy, neuromuscular
Hobbies: Singing, piano, hiking trips, spending time with my pups and fiancé

Wilson Rodriguez, M.D.

Wilson Rodriguez, M.D.
Hometown: Cañar, Ecuador
Medical school: University of Cuenca
Subspecialty interests: Neurocritical care and interventional neurology
Research interests: Brain aneurysm and stroke
Hobbies: Cooking, running and playing guitar

Headshot of Aimalohi Esechie

Aimalohi Esechie, M.D. 
Vascular Neurology Fellow

Headshot of Katie Foresman
Katie Forsman, M.D.
Hometown: Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Undergraduate: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Medical school: University of Queensland
Subspecialty interests: Neuroimmunology, neuro-infectious disease, movement disorders, global health
Hobbies: Photography, hiking, traveling

Headshot of Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott, M.D.
Vascular Neurology Fellow
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Medical school: Saba University School of Medicine
Subspeciality interest: Vascular and interventional neurology
Research interest: Improving stroke outcomes
Hobbies: Hiking, woodworking, grilling, football, spending time with family and friends

Headshot of Brian Miremadi

Brian Miremadi, M.D.
Neurointerventional Fellow
Hometown: Kansas City, Los Angeles
Medical school: University of Missouri-Kansas City
Subspecialty interests: Vascular and interventional neurology
Research interests: Improving stroke outcome
Hobbies: Hiking, outdoor activities, skiing, travel, food.

Alumni 2023

Clinical Neurophysiology/ SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, St. Louis
Clinical Neurophysiology/Rush University Medical Center, Chicago
Neurocritical Care/Washington University, St. Louis
Vascular Neurology/ University of Toledo
Vascular Neurology/University of Massachusetts Chan Medical Center, Worcester
Vascular Neurology/ Tufts Medical Center, Boston

Alumni 2022

Vascular Neurology/ University of Iowa
Clinical Neurophysiology/ Kansas University Medical Center
Clinical Neurophysiology/ Saint Louis University Hospital
Sleep medicine/ University of Michigan
Neuro-hospitalist/ Columbia, Missouri
Clinical Neurophysiology/Duke University Medical Center

Alumni 2021

General Neurologist / Essentia Health Fargo, North Dakota
Sleep Medicine / Stanford University
Neurocritical Care / Rush University Medical Center, Chicago
Vascular Neurology / Washington University -Barnes Jewish Hospital
Pain Management / University of Washington for a Fellowship
Neurophysiology / Medical University of Charleston South Carolina

Alumni 2020

Movement Disorders / University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Neurocritical Care / Ohio State University
Neurophysiology / Saint Louis University
Vascular Neurology / Washington University in St. Louis

Alumni 2019

Multiple Sclerosis / University of Toronto
Vascular Neurology / Case Western University
Interventional Neurology / University of Missouri
Neurocritical Care / Washington University in St. Louis
Neurophysiology / Saint Louis University
Private Practice

Alumni 2018

Movement Disorders / University of Texas Houston Medical Center
Interventional Neurology / Saint Louis University
Interventional Neurology / Weill Cornell University

Alumni 2017

Neurophysiology / Saint Louis University
Epilepsy / Washington University in St. Louis
Movement Disorders / Northwestern University
Movement Disorders / Saint Louis University
Neuromuscular / Washington University in St. Louis
Vascular Neurology / New York Presbyterian and Weill Cornell