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Instructions for Preceptor Approval Process

The following approval process applies for M.S.N.-N.P., post-M.S.N. N.P. certificate and D.N.P. students in Saint Louis University nursing programs.

Step One

Obtain information regarding guidelines for preceptor selection from your student handbook, course materials and/or course faculty members.

Step Two

Obtain tentative approval of the preceptor from your course coordinator/specialty coordinator.

Step Three

Contact a willing preceptor and download the Preceptor Information Form.

Step Four

Check the preceptor's license (i.e. conduct a licensee search on the appropriate board website) and print a copy. If the preceptor is in a state that has a fee for an online licensee search, then obtain a copy of the license from the preceptor. If the preceptor has taken SLU students within the last year, this step may be omitted as that information is on file.

Step Five

Fill out the preceptor information form to the best of your ability, then take the form to the preceptor to verify accuracy and obtain any missing information. This step is always necessary, even if the preceptor has taken SLU students in the past.

Step Six

Student submits preceptor form for approval according to course guidelines.

Step Seven

Verify with the clinical agency if an affiliation agreement is required or if proof of enrollment and SLU's Certificate of Liability insurance is sufficient. If an affiliation agreement is required, submit the Facility Contract Request Form to Kari Elbe at

Step Eight

When the legal arrangement is negotiated, we will notify you if the clinical site is approved.