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Resources for Parents and Families

Whether your student is brand new to Saint Louis University and the SOAR Program or is nearing graduation, we are here to help them be their best self and connect them with resources.

While we want to help you on this journey with your student, know that we work for them and for what they want from their education and on their life path.

Tips for Supporting Your Student

Encourage Them

College is an exciting but stressful time for you and your student. Whether your student is at the beginning of their journey or nearing the end, you can be there to offer encouragement when times get tough and remind them of the end goal. Listen and be a voice of reason. Help them celebrate their victories; comfort and encourage them when they fall and struggle. Remind them that there is something to be learned from every experience, even the tough ones. Show them that there are people at home and at SLU who believe in them and their ability to thrive and succeed.

Don't Let Them Quit Too Easily

There will be times when your student calls home crying, angry or feeling lost. It will be hard for you to hear their pain, but don't let that be an excuse for them to quit. At these times, help them understand how strong they are and how they can realize their full potential. Help them help themselves. Remind them of past triumphs and that things will get better. Have them reach out to a campus resource that can also help them process things and move forward. These can include an academic advisor, someone in Student Health or University Counseling, or a resident advisor (RA) - there are countless resources available at SLU to help your student succeed.

Explore With Them

There may be times your student has a question for you that you don't have an answer to and that's okay. Whether your student is the first to go to college in the family, the first at SLU, or comes from a long line of Billikens, new questions and situations will come up all the time. This is an opportunity to learn with your student and an excellent opportunity to help your student learn to better advocate for him/herself. Explore SLU's website for more information on the resources available to your student, or to you as a parent, so when your student has a question you can help them find a campus resource that best suits their need.

Don't Do Their Work 

It is tempting to try to solve your student's problem or perform a task like filling out their roommate match questionnaire for them. While there may be situations in which this is appropriate, there are other times (like the roommate match questionnaire) when you need to let your student's voice be heard and encourage them to act on their own behalf. Rather than telling them what to do, you might ask them questions about an action item. Help them to take responsibility for their education and their future.


SOAR has created a resource guide to help those who want to support the students we serve. The guide has information about SOAR, ways to help support your student, offices and resources that can be helpful, and terms common to SLU and higher education. You can download a copy of our guide below.

SOAR Community Resource Guide (PDF)

There are a number of resources available to parents and families here at SLU. Below are a few of the offices that may be of most use to you in supporting your student.

Academic Information

Your student can get official copies of their transcript, help with registration issues, and send official test scores and transcripts for any courses taken outside of SLU through the Office of the University Registrar. This is also the office that handles Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) information and releases.

Each student is responsible for determining who they would like to have access to their academic record. We encourage parents and families to have a conversation with their student about what kind of access you will have to the student's academic information.

Learn About FERPA and SLU