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Shawn Steadman, CEM©, CGEMC, MEP, PCP, MStJ, KC*HS

Director, Emergency Management

Courses Taught

Undergraduate: EMGT 1500 - Fundamentals of Emergency Management, EMGT 1600 - Managing Natural, Man-made, and Technological disasters, EMGT 1710 - First Responder and Healthcare Coordination in High-Impact Disasters, EMGT 2900 - Emergency Management Fundamentals Practicum, EMGT 3900 - Homeland Security Intermediate Practicum, EMGT 4760 - Emergency Management in Practice, EMGT 4770 - Emergency Management/Homeland Security Exercise Design and Evaluation, EMGT 4810 - Emergency Management/Homeland Security Technologies, EMGT 4830 - Computer Modeling for Emergency Planning and Management, EMGT 4800 - Emergency Management Capstone ------ Post-Graduate:EMGT 5000 - Critical Decision-making in Emergency Management, EMGT 5100 - Advanced Emergency Management, EMGT 5200 - Current and Emerging Technologies in Emergency Management, EMGT 5300 - Communications – Disasters and Media


BSBA, Rockhurst University in Kansas City

Master of Architecture (March), Washington University in St. Louis

Saint Louis University, PH.D. (candidate) in Aviation

Research Interests

Emergency Management; Homeland Security; Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource Protection; Continuity of Operations; Exercise and Evaluation; Maritime Operations

Professional Experience

Mr. Steadman has designed multitudes of instructional courses using Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs), and Programs of Instruction (PIO). Mr. Steadman is an expert in his field. Federal agencies use him as an expert in the design of courses for the deployment of field personnel.

His well-rounded experience and expertise in local, state, and federal Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) during all major types of incidents are sought out by all levels of agencies.  He is an expert in designing Tier 1, 2, and 3 exercises for the protection of the nation’s assets and personnel. Mr. Steadman is considered an expert in the FEMA National Frameworks. He has experience in the design and conduct of multiple national and state-level exercise programs working with the FEMA National Exercise Division, the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration, Health and Human Services, and the United States Coast Guard.

He is a team lead, senior trainer, and certified Professional Continuity Practitioner (PCP) providing expertise in plan development/review, hazard vulnerability analysis (HVA), business impact analysis (BIA), and the incorporation of the organization's goals and objectives The end result is the development of organization's Standard Operating Procedures and Plans, including Continuity of Operations/Business Plans (COOP/COB).

He is an active member of multiple Incident Management Teams (IMTs) and Incident Management Assistance Teams (IMATs) for state and federal agencies with the latest deployments being for hurricanes and COVID-19. He has received numerous individual, and team commendations and awards for his service. Mr. Steadman is a Certified Emergency Manager with both IAEM and the USCG.  He is an Incident Commander, Planning Section Chief, and Logistics Section Chief in the Incident Command System (ICS). 

Mr. Steadman is a professional marine vessel operator, maritime accident investigator, and maritime legal expert. He is a “small boat” tactical instructor, with expertise in close-quarter operations and search and rescue. Mr. Steadman has over 30 years of experience on the water on near-shore and inland waterways. Years of experience as a whitewater boater enhance his swift water background and agencies around the country hire him to make keynote presentations on the subject.

He possesses a broad background in CBRNE, HazWoper instructor, gap analysis, exercise design, and strategic/tactical planning besides many other supporting skills such as computer modeling, architecture, remote sensing, geospatial technology, marketing, and unmanned aviation.

Professional Organizations and Associations