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Center for Research on Global Catholicism

The Center for Research on Global Catholicism (CRGC) at Saint Louis University supports scholarship at the nexus of Catholicism and culture, providing robust programming that promotes interdisciplinary research, collaboration, and methodological innovation.

In this video, three members of the CRGC leadership team discuss the center, its mission, and why SLU is an ideal place to do this research.

CRGC Fellows

The Center for Research on Global Catholicism at Saint Louis University is pleased to announce the launch of its inaugural Seminar Fellowship Program for 2024-2025 on the theme "New Directions in Research on Global Catholicism: Mobilities, Migrations, Circulations."

Meet the CRGC Fellows

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

The Center for Research on Global Catholicism at Saint Louis University supports two postdoctoral research fellows. Postdoctoral research fellows pursue their own research projects and assist with CRGC programming for two-year terms.

Anna Katharina Rudolph

Anna Katharina Rudolph

Anna Katharina Rudolph (Ph.D., Medieval History, University of California, Santa Barbara) is a postdoctoral research fellow for the Center for Research on Global Catholicism at Saint Louis University. Her research is driven by questions of how the sacred intersects with the political to define women's roles over time and across space. She is currently spearheading the St. Louis Catholic Archives Collective, an initiative partnering the CRGC with archivists at multiple independent local women's archives to increase the visibility and accessibility of their collections. As a historian of medieval women's history, her research interests include the intersection of gender and sanctity, the cult of the saints, queenship, and monasticism. Rudolph's current book project, "Dynamics of Women's Sanctity from Medieval to Modernity, Rewriting History, Hagiography, and the Myth of the French Nation," uses the global "afterlife" of the Frankish queen-saint Radegund of Poitiers (520-587), to investigate the complex relationship between hagiography, gender and the construction of national identities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Saint Louis University an internationally-recognized hub for research on global Catholicism. The Center for Research on Global Catholicism supports scholarship on the ways and means by which Catholicism migrated across time and space to become a global religion, entangled with imperial ambitions, in excess of official intentions, mobilized by material objects, affective relationships, politics, theologies, epidemics and more.

The objectives of the Center for Research on Global Catholicism include:

  • Capitalizing on scholarly expertise at SLU and in St. Louis to advance knowledge and understanding of global Catholicism
  • Facilitating connections between local archives and research scholars
  • Supporting scholars working in the field of global Catholicism by providing resources, community, and opportunities for collaboration

The Center for Research on Global Catholicism is a Big Idea project sponsored by the Research Growth Fund at SLU. The first Big Idea grounded in the Humanities, the CRGC brings together three key components of SLU’s Jesuit history and mission: a legacy of global engagement, a commitment to rigorous academic inquiry and a focus on social justice.

Support Us

Giving to the CRGC supports our lecture and book symposium series, conferences, seminar fellows program and more.

Center for Research on Global Catholicism Team

Leadership Team

Mary Dunn, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Research on Global Catholicism

Associate Professor, Theological Studies

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Charles Parker, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of History

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Cathleen Fleck, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Art History

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Kate Moran, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, American Studies

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Executive Sponsors

David Suwalsky, S.J.

Vice President of Mission and Identity


Donna LaVoie

Dean of the College for Arts & Sciences

Affiliated Faculty
  • Jennifer Nutefall (Dean of Libraries and Museums)
  • Heidi Ardizzone (American Studies)
  • Jeff Bishop (Philosophy)
  • Sam Conedera S.J. (History)
  • Ron Crown (Pius Library)
  • Emily Dumler-Winckler (Theological Studies)
  • Chris Ealham (Humanities, Madrid)
  • Jamie Emery (Pius Library)
  • Francisco J. García-Serrano Nebras (Humanities, Madrid)
  • Claire Gilbert (History)
  • Jay Hammond (Theological Studies)
  • Kevin Ingram (Humanities, Madrid)
  • Alberto de Mingo Kaminouchi (Humanities, Madrid)
  • Grant Kaplan (Theological Studies)
  • Atria Larson (Theological Studies)
  • Nick Lewis (History)
  • Petruta Lipan (University Museums)
  • Jennifer J. Lowe (Rare Books Room)
  • Paul Lynch (English)
  • Filippo Marsilli (History)
  • Colleen McCluskey (Philosophy)
  • David Meconi (Catholic Studies),
  • David Miros (Director, Jesuit Archives and Research Center)
  • Melanie Mitchell (Humanities, Madrid)
  • Fabien Montcher (History)
  • Ana Montero (LLC)
  • Almudena Olondo (Humanities, Madrid)
  • Olga Muñoz (Spanish, Madrid)
  • Gregory Pass (Vatican Film Library)
  • Jen Popiel (History)
  • Scott Ragland (Philosophy)
  • Fabiola Martínez Rodríguez (Fine and Performing Arts, Madrid)
  • Angela Smart (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)
  • Sergio Rosell (Humanities, Madrid)
  • Mark Ruff (History)
  • Steven Schoenig (History)
  • Cynthia Stollhans (Fine and Performing Arts)
  • Eleonore Stump (Philosophy)
  • Laura Tedesco (Political Science, Madrid)
  • Curra Vericat (Fine and Performing Arts, Madrid)
  • Taylor West (Humanities, Madrid)