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Industry Partnerships

The Saint Louis University Institute for Drug and Biotherapeutic Innovation (IDBI) seeks collaborations with both academia and industry. SLU welcomes discussions with industry members around many models of research collaboration and research sponsorship.

Collaborative and Sponsored Research

The Saint Louis University Institute for Drug and Biotherapeutic Innovation encourages its members to explore collaborative research programs with industry sponsors that advance our mission of drug discovery and development to benefit humanity. Brief descriptions of individual faculty research programs are available under the Faculty Research area of this website. 

To inquire about ongoing research in specific areas of interest, or to obtain non-confidential research summaries for a faculty member, please contact Director of Business Development Jaffre Athman at Conversations can also be initiated directly with a PI of interest.

Industry partners interested in sponsoring educational activities for students, internships within their organizations, seed grants or discovery competitions are encouraged to contact IDBI Director John Tavis ( or Director of Business Development Jaffre Athman (

ADME/PK and Laboratory Services

The Institute for Drug and Biotherapeutic Innovation operates a centralized ADME/PK laboratory to perform critical steps in the drug development pathway. The ADME/PK laboratory service is also available to industry and outside academic users. The ADME/PK service includes:

  • LCMS analysis
  • In vitro ADME Assays
    • PPB-Plasma Protein Binding
    • Liver Microsome Metabolism
    • Hepatocyte stability
    • PAMPA
    • CACO2 permeability
    • MDR transport
  • In vivo murine PK studies

The experts of the core can also provide expert consultations on assay development and analysis. SLU's Institute for Drug and Biotherapeutic Innovation ADME/PK service prioritizes research being done by its members. Inquiries on the availability of these services for industry are welcome and accommodated as scheduling permits.

Learn More About Our ADME/PK Service

Inquiries on laboratory services can be made to IDBI ADME/PK Core Director Fran Sverdrup at

In addition to the ADME/PK service, SLU Institute for Drug and Biotherapeutic Innovation members perform valuable assays for their collaborators and colleagues within their personal laboratories. While targeted to those within the University, these investigators may be open to sharing their assays externally. A list of assays can be found on the Laboratory Assays section of the IDBI Resources Page, and inquiries can be sent to

Additional University Resources

SLU Clinical Trials Office (CTO) and Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The SLU Clinical Trials Office (CTO) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) are part of a robust research and compliance infrastructure that protects the rights and welfare of study participants. The CTO provides centralized management and oversight of industry-sponsored trials, including Medicare-coverage analysis, study budget development and negotiations, research billing and auditing, facilitation of contracts, and operation of Clinical Conductor, its clinical trials management system.

Visit SLU's Clinical Trials Office

Research Innovation Group

The SLU Research Innovation Group (RIG) works proactively with strategic and startup licensees to commercialize SLU Intellectual Property (IP) and to expedite the development of sponsored research agreements and contracts. RIG offices are located at the COLLAB university-industry site in Cortex.

Visit the Research Innovation Group

Saint Louis University Cores

SLU Cores provide expert service and support to researchers within and external to the University. An overview of cores and links to individual cores can be found on the SLU School of Medicine Research Cores page.