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Global and Local Social Justice, Minor

Addressing fundamental social problems such as poverty, injustice or war meaningfully requires an understanding of the social and political systems that contribute to them causally and the cultural environments in which they occur. Saint Louis University's unique interdisciplinary minor in global and local social justice aims to provide students with this background.

The global and local social justice interdisciplinary minor at SLU is a cooperative program that draws required or elective courses from several departments and programs, including American studies, political science, public health, public policy studies, sociology and anthropology, social work, and women’s and gender studies.

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Curriculum Overview

SLU's global and local social justice minor consists of 21 hours of classes and a presentation requirement. Students must select classes in each of the four required issue areas, with a fifth course from area two or three. For the remaining hours, students may select additional classes in the four required issue areas or from the list of electives. As part of their study, students must take classes in at least three different disciplines. 

Students must also present in a public forum, such as the Global and Local Social Justice Conference, Atlas Week or a student research conference, either on their research or their internship.

The minor consists of 21 credit hours of classes and a presentation requirement. 

Theory Requirement 3
Select one class with the "Global Local Justice-Theory" attribute.
Local and Domestic Issues Requirement3
Select one class with the "Global Local Justice-Domestic" attribute
Global Issues Requirement3
Select one classes with the "Global Local Justice-Global" attribute
Directed Elective Requirement3
Select an additional class with either the "Global Local Justice-Domestic" attribute or the "Global Local Justice-Global" attribute.3
Service-learning Requirement
Select one internship approved by the minor director or classes with the "Global Local Justice-Service" attribute,
Global and Local Social Justice Elective6
Select from classes with the "Global Local Justice-Theory" attribute, the "Global Local Justice-Domestic" attribute, the "Global Local Justice-Global" attribute, the "Global Local Justice-Service" attribute, or the "Global Local Justice-Elective" attribute.
Total Credits21

Continuation Standards

Students with a minor in global and local social justice must maintain a 2.00 GPA in courses for the global and local social justice minor.